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Send Your Mates A Travel Memento Without Even Getting Off The Couch

Fancy being in the good books of all your best mates and supporting local communities in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Mexico, or Colombia without even moving? You're going to love Unmapped Travel's new gift boxes.

Fancy being in the good books of all your best mates and supporting local communities in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Mexico, or Colombia without even moving? You’re going to love Unmapped Travel’s new gift boxes.

To celebrate World Tourism Day and the UNWTO Year of Tourism and Rural Development, Unmapped Travel has launched the first of a series of Unmapped Giftboxes aimed at supporting local communities in their featured destinations.

The Unmapped ‘The Gift That Gives’ series will feature boxes from Sri Lanka, Morocco, Mexico, and Colombia, which have been designed to provide a taste of the destinations we have missed out on this year.

How good is that?

You could pretty much pretend you’ve been on an epic worldwide adventure, make your friends super happy and treat yo’self all at the same time… without even having to leave the comfy den you’ve created in your lounge.

Tell me more…

Unmapped Gift Boxes

If all of that isn’t enough to get you pulling your purse out of your handbag… sales of the gift boxes will also help vulnerable people in Australia.

The first box is ‘A Taste of Sri Lanka’ and includes products made by local, home-based craftspeople in Sri Lanka using recycled materials and sustainable practices.

Included in each box is:

  • A guide to ‘Sri Lanka’s Best Ethical Adventures’
  • A shopping bag made from recycled saree material
  • A travel wallet
  • A journal made with a beautiful upcycled material and recycled pages
  • A travel pack with a bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel straw, straw cleaner with natural bristles, and stainless-steel spork
  • Four recipe cards from Sydney restaurant and social enterprise, Colombo Social.
Unmapped Gift Boxes

“With international travel at a standstill, it was important for me to find a way to continue to support the people in the destinations we’ve been working in. It has also helped me reflect on how I can travel more meaningfully in the future,” says Unmapped Founder, Jennifer Gaskin

“My hope is that these giftboxes will give people a little taste of the destinations they are missing out on by not travelling internationally, while also supporting those have been hit hardest during the pandemic both at home and abroad.”

Jennifer Gaskin, Unmapped Founder

“It was really important for me to include recipe cards from Colombo Social, as they work with refugee-support agency Settlement Services International, the Asylum Seeker Centre in Newtown and the SkillMe program, which recruits recently arrived asylum seekers and refugees to work in the kitchen or front of house.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Colombo Social has also started Plate it Forward, a campaign to serve the needs of those most at risk in the community.

Colombo Social’s project kickstarted five months ago and so far they have managed to donate over 31,000 meals to those identified as the most at risk.

So, for every gift box purchased, Unmapped will donate a meal to the ‘Plate it Forward’ campaign.

Great work, Unmapped. #togetherintravel.


The ‘A Taste of Sri Lanka’ gift box is on sale now for $80 and would make the perfect gift for anyone who has visited Sri Lanka or is looking for inspiration for a future visit.

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