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Spotlight on: New York State, where surprises await

"I ❤️ New York" is a phrase that is announced all over the globe, and it's not really hard to see why. This state boasts an incredible capital city, as well as more surprises than you can shake a slice of pizza at. Not really sure what's past the bright lights of NYC? Get ready to be mesmerised.

“I ❤️ New York” is a phrase that is announced all over the globe, and it’s not really hard to see why. This state boasts an incredible capital city, as well as more surprises than you can shake a slice of pizza at. Not really sure what’s past the bright lights of NYC? Get ready to be mesmerised.

Known as the Empire State, New York State offers up a whole bunch of surprises across nine “Upstate” regions, Long Island and New York City.

The simple truth is, as much as we adore the city, we’re keen to step outside the Big Apple and explore this wondrous state as soon as travel re-opens. So, while we wait, join us on this virtual trip and discover out what surprises New York State has on offer.

New York State is a sensory experience. It is a place featuring massive gushing waterfalls, pristine lakes and untouched wilderness.

Seriously, everything about New York State is completely loveable.

New York State
Image: Justin P. Goodhart Photography

Just a stone’s throw from one of the greatest cities in the world, nature puts on a different show every season in New York.

From the beach bum summer days on Jones Beach in Long Island to hiking amongst the vibrant fiery fall colours of the Catskills; from skiing down a snowy mountain in the Adirondacks to kayaking in the spring in the serene Finger Lakes.

And that’s before you’ve immersed yourself in its incredible culture, food and entertainment scene.

Welcome to New York State

If you’re ready to start planning your post-pandemic U.S. trip of a lifetime, New York State is a great place to start.

Regardless of the time of year, visitors will discover some of the world’s greatest natural wonders like Niagara Falls, Howe Caverns and the Ausable Chasm.

That all sounds like a pleasant change of scenery after way too long stuck in lockdown, wouldn’t you agree?

New York State
Hurd Orchard

A trip through New York State is also guaranteed to make your mouth water. Food, wine and beer will be at the heart of your trip.

Foodies will rejoice in the diversity on offer – taste anything from juicy Buffalo wings and fresh seafood straight from the Atlantic to world-class farm to table experiences. And obviously, you will need a drink with that. So it’s good news that wineries and wine trails dot the State.

New York State is also considered one of America’s foremost craft beer destinations – legend has it the State cracked the first beer after the Prohibition.

New York State
Storm King Art Center

When you feel like you couldn’t eat or drink another thing, you can explore the state’s thriving arts scene, striking architecture and a real open, inviting local culture.

It can be felt through the unique design touches of your cool boutique hotel, rubbing shoulders with locals at a music performance, or simply on a stroll down Main Street (every town has one!).

Whatever you’re into, New York State gives you the chance to move to the beat of your own drum and carve your own path; following what sets your soul on fire and doing what you love the most.

The top 6 must-do’s in New York State

New York State
Main Beach in East Hampton, Long Island consistently ranks in the top 10 beaches of America
  • Jump into the water at one of Long Island’s Atlantic beaches before hanging out with the locals in the Hamptons or at a nearby winery.
  • Be inspired by peace and love at the Woodstock Museum.
  • Take flight on a seaplane to a remote lakeside camp spot in the Adirondacks.
New York State
Terrapin – Voted Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant and Best Bistro of the Hudson Valley
  • Forage for local herbs and mushrooms with local chefs in the Finger Lakes and learn the true meaning of farm to table.
  • Feel the energy of a waterfall, from the roaring Niagara Falls to the picturesque Watkins Glen.
  • Broaden your mind with a visit to Dia:Beacon and Storm King art galleries, which can be experienced on a day trip from NYC.

Get inspired

Oh, New York, how dreamy you are. The real question here is how could you NOT be inspired by this destination?

The Empire State gives you the chance to abandon the neat page of travel notes in your guidebook and swim in creativity; soaking up the abundance of raw and natural emotions that travel, and connection, allow you to feel.

If you want to wander the state as a local, you’ll need to talk and listen to the locals, who, may I add, are incredibly friendly.

The New York State locals love to share their top tips and tricks for getting off the beaten track and experiencing the very essence of the places they call home.

Self-Drive Insider Guides for New York State

New York State
Finger Lakes Wine Region, New York

If you’d like to fully immerse yourself in New York State and your idea of the perfect road trip includes beautiful scenery, live music, and world-class food and wine, we have a feeling you might get love-drunk on the Northeast Wine Trail road trip.

Journeying through New York State, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, this adventure will immerse you in some of the finest American cultures, showcase the very best of the area’s wine offerings and much, much more.

If the electrifying buzz of the city is more your thing, grab your blue suede shoes and dance your way around the Great North Music Tour.

Sports lovers will swoon over the Iconic Sports Stadiums trip and shopaholics can get their fix with the shopping USA itinerary.

Take the tunes with you

Get ready to fall in love with New York, 21x over. This playlist boasts a plethora of absolute bangers to sing along to, dance to after a few bevvies, and chill out to while taking in the beautiful scenery of New York State.

J-Lo, Tay-Tay, Beastie Boys, Frank Sinatra and a whole bunch of fab artists will have your toes tapping and craft beer glasses raising to good music, delicious food and wine, and good vibes.


New York State
Adirondack Balloon Festival

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