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Airbnb's top 7 ‘Eggcellent’ Easter getaways

With Easter fast approaching, we know you only have one thing on your mind; how to make the best of the long weekend.

With Easter fast approaching, we know you only have one thing on your mind; how to make the best of the long weekend.


Airbnb has shared their list of ‘Eggcellent’ Easter themed properties. Oh yes prepare for egg puns-a-plenty.


1) Western Australia’s Easter egg hunt, Western Australia – For a world record trip

Western AustraliaStaying close to this record breaking Easter egg hunt held in the Subiaco Theatre Gardens will ensure a ton of fun with the kids.

Staying in a property close by, means you won’t have far to lug your chocolate loot home!


2) Egg Islands, Tasmania – The place to unscramble

Egg IslandsIf you prefer your long weekend to be more relaxing; Egg Islands and the surrounding area is your Easter themed holiday pick.

The rivers surrounding the islands make for a stunning view to enjoy your breakfast omelette and a great source of relaxing entertainment – you’ll return to work sunny side up.


3) A most Eggcellent house, Pittsburgh, USA – A cracking property

PittsburghRounding out the Egg list – a tasty halved Easter egg property in the USA.

Visitors may find a delicious gooey centre or more likely a luxurious interior perfect for relaxing, either way this property is sure to get you in ‘eggsactly’ the right frame of mind for the holidays.


4) Easter Island, Chile – We heard you liked Easter?

Easter IslandSo you would like to do something for Easter, but all the Egg properties are a little too much to stomach? Well then, why not try something else with an Easter theme… Easter Island. Yes those amazing heads have little to do with Easter tradition, but let’s be honest sometimes you just want to go on holidays somewhere amazing!

Easter is not just about the eggs and chocolate and puns with the word egg, there is a spiritual element. So we have highlighted some properties which will help you celebrate the Easter period in a more reverential manner.


5) Stokers Sliding Church, New South Wales, Australia – It’s heavenly

Stokers Sliding ChurchGetting off the beaten path is an Easter tradition for Australians. This renovated church property, nestled in the northern part of NSW and 40 minutes from the Gold Coast, is a divine retreat for holiday makers this Easter. For those looking to embrace the spiritual aspect of the Easter season, this converted church is a must see.


6) Catch of the day, VIC – You’ll be hooked

Catch of the dayFor those observing the Good Friday tradition of consuming fish, there isn’t a better place to catch and cook your dinner than Port Phillip Bay.

This modern coastal house is located just outside Melbourne and is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle that comes with the Easter long weekend. A perfect hideaway for you to relax and sink a fishing line, yet close enough to the city that you might just make this a regular weekend tradition!


7) The 12 Apostles, Victoria – For the traditionalist

The 12 ApostlesThe great Australian road trip has no better destination this Easter than the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. While only 8 of the apostles remain, the natural beauty of this part of the world will take your breath away.

These tips were supplied by Airbnb.