What could be the ultimate solution to quickly spotting your bag on the luggage carousel and keeping ‘Baggage reclaim anxiety’ at bay? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the answer.

We’ve all been there.

Staring like zombies at the baggage carousel whilst the same looking bags keep shuffling on past you like some oversized, macabre sushi train.

Mostly black or grey and sometimes even red, these generic travelling bags of the world look distinctly similar in any airport the world over.

head case

It’s ok lady, we’ve got a solution for you

Maybe you were smart and tied a little piece of coloured ribbon on to make yours stand out, or perhaps you spent a ton of cash on that cling film machine (We always wondered who did buy from those guys) only to discover that everyone else has done exactly the same thing. Oh dear.

“This could take a while”, you think.

But no.

The Head Case. Named for a reason.

The Head Case. Named for a reason.

Now you can prevent ‘Baggage Reclaim’ anxiety and make sure your bag stands out from the boring crowd by slipping it snuggly inside your own ‘Head Case.’

After all, nothing says “step aside kid, that’s my luggage!” quite like a gigantic version of your own face, staring back at you as it shudders proudly around the conveyor belt shouting ‘I’ve arrived!’ amongst the thousands of generic and silent Samsonite ‘drone esque’ cases of the world.

Its not what it looks...

Its not what it looks…

Made in the UK (Where else), these Firebox ‘Head cases’ are made from durable polyester spandex (the same material as bank robbers use) so they stretch to comfortably fit over your bag (or head if you’re that way inclined), while a series of well-placed openings (easy now) ensure that all of your handles remain fully accessible.

All you need to do to get one is upload a high-quality photo of your face (or your mate, lover, wife, husband or dog maybe) and these guys will print it on both sides of this striking personalised case cover and send it you.

The ‘Head cases’ come in three sizes and are priced at $30 for a small size and $45 for a large.

Head over to Firebox for more.

We’re sold. Are you? See you on the carousel. Literally.

Would you get your own ‘Head Case’ and if so, who’s face would you put on?