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German Nudist Chases Cheeky Laptop Stealing Boar

'Cheeky wild boar steals sunbaking nudist's laptop, forcing hilarious chase past astonished onlookers'. It's because of stories like this gem that we love the internet oh, so much.

‘Cheeky wild boar steals sunbaking nudist’s laptop, forcing hilarious chase past astonished onlookers’. It’s because of stories like this gem that we love the internet oh, so much.

This was a moment the world would never have got to see had it not been for Berlin local Adele Landauer who somehow managed to keep a steady hand to capture the drama.

If there was ever a time we all needed a laugh, this is it.

It all happened when an unsuspecting fellow was enjoying a lazy afternoon sunbaking in the nude at popular naturist hang out – Teufelssee or Devil’s Lake in Berlin.

Meanwhile, a wild boar and its couple of piglets were cruising around the park on the hunt for a snack or two.

Wild boars are commonly seen in the forests around Berlin and are often spotted venturing through city parks in search of food.

Pic: Adele Landauer

This particularly hungry boar and its little piggies had apparently sniffed out a pizza being eaten by some other bathers.

Seeing our man’s yellow bag (containing the man’s laptop) and possibly thinking it too could have been a pizza or some other tasty treat, the brazen boar snatched the bag and speedily made off with the booty for the undergrowth.

“Not so fast you swine!” came the cry as our intrepid nudist then proceeded to chase the boar in all his glory across the park, past stunned onlookers.

Finally, the boar’s getaway was ended by a cardboard box in its path, with the man clapping his hands and hitting the ground with a stick he had picked up, prompting the boar to drop the bag and give up the plunder.

“Because the bag contained his laptop, he gave it his all, even though he was in his birthday suit,” explained Ms Landauer.

Pic: Adele Landauer

Remarkably, the unidentified (and liberal indeed) nudist was happy to share the pics.

“Nature strikes back,” wrote ms Landauer, a life coach, on Facebook. “I showed the man the photos, he laughed he laughed uproariously and authorised me to make them public.”

“It is not in my nature to expose people. I think life also has funny sides and you can definitely share them.”

Another witness said: “When he returned from the forest, everyone applauded him.”

The story has since gone viral.

If you want to read the whole story about this hero, please follow me on Instagram: adelelandauer_lifecoachDie Fotos…

Posted by Adele Landauer on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pics: Adele Landauer