It’s hard to know what goes on in the pointy end of the plane. Those damn curtains just get in the way, and most of us are too preoccupied trying to get comfortable in our economy seats to give it any serious thought.

But today we’re going to peel back the curtain and reveal, once and for all, what actually happens up in Business Class, and it ain’t pretty…

Here are four stories to make you feel good when flying cattle.


1. Sleazy businessman propositions



Some Business Class passengers feel entitled upon checking into their flight and boarding the plane.

And unfortunately, this sense of entitlement can sometimes extends beyond attentive service, unlimited booze and great food…

For example, this on reddit:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.01.12 pm

Haha – take that Trump, err, I mean sleazy businessman.


2. Mile high club



Here’s another frisky story that comes from behind the curtains in Business Class.

Two Business Class passengers were flying from the USA to the UK on American Airlines. In order to pass the time a little quicker, the two decided to get to know each other really, really well during the flight (you know what I’m talking about here).

According to the flight attendants onboard, this “getting to know you” session lasted over four hours, and the passengers were extremely drunk at the time.

To add more drama into the story, both passengers were married to other people…


3. Rock star-like requests



One passenger flying between NYC and Miami once told a flight attendant that he was a picky eater and wanted them to remove the almonds from his mixed nuts, the shaved parmesan from his salad and the cilantro from his tabouleh.

Apparently, short-haul internal flights in the USA are notorious for being diva prone, whilst long-haul flights usually have far better behaved Business Class passengers.


4. Just plain rudeness



Just because someone flies Business Class doesn’t mean they’re better behaved and more refined – hell no.

Brad, a flight attendant who often works up front in the plane, remarks how Business Class passengers have a reputation for being more high maintenance and even rude at times.

“There are too many times to count where people get on board and just hand me coats and say, ‘Seat 3E and I’ll take a vodka cranberry’.”

Brad the flight attendant, speaking to Independent

Brad also tells the story of a women with heaps of plastic surgery returning a drink because her ice-cube was “too large.”

*Face palm*

Do you have any of your own stories from the other side (of the curtain in biz class)? Tell us in the comments below.