Fresh produce, passionate farmers, ancient traditions handed down through generations and creative flair – Ireland boasts a rich culinary landscape that’s currently in the midst of a food renaissance. 

Did you know Ireland is one of the tastiest destinations in Europe?

There has never been a more exciting time for the food scene in Ireland,  and it’s a reason in itself to visit. And that’s exactly what the Taste the Island initiative is all about.

Celebrating Ireland’s amazing foodie scene involving more than 500 food and drink-related experiences lined up over 59 days (Sep-Nov), Tourism Ireland is inviting you to take a seat at the table to get your fill of amazing food and drink experiences.

And you should definitely go. Here’s why.


I stands for incredible variety

From traditional dishes to modern gastronomic experiences, the Irish food and drink scene is incredibly diverse and exciting.

Thanks to a cohort of talented, creative chefs and an abundance of fresh produce, Irish food is more art than comfort, and what appears on the menu is often a sweet combination of what’s in season in the local region, with culinary flair and traditions handed down through generations.

Experience this diversity for yourself at one of the many festivals, food trails or foodie hubs in Ireland and taste your way to bliss!


R stands for regional specialties

Every region in Ireland is famous for something, and the best way to discover this for yourself is by taking a step on one of Ireland’s sumptuous food-focused tours or foodie trails, letting your tastebuds be your guide.

For example, head to the Boyne Valley and talk to local farmers, cheese-makers and cider producers.

Alternatively, do the TASTE of Kilkenny Food Trail and visit traditional livestock markets, taste local rainbow trout caviar, learn the art of butter-making, and tuck into delicately crafted chocolate truffles – mmm!


E stands for experiencing Irish hospitality

It’s easy to meet the locals in Ireland. All you need to do is stand there and smile, which is easy to do when you’re welcomed by that amazing Irish hospitality.

Make chit-chat with the friendly local sitting next to you inside a trendy cafe and get the low-down on where to eat and drink.

Or find a cosy pub and count one, two, three before you’re in animated conversation about Irish culture and folklore.


L stands for landscapes that inspire

Lush, rolling fields; the roaring Atlantic coast; quaint villages and charming castles – Ireland contains enough visual splendour to inspire.

This inspiration is distilled in some of the greatest works of literature and music on the planet, and also, quite literally, in its food and drink scene.

That’s why Ireland is the perfect start/endpoint of a European trip – it’s pretty much got everything that Europe is known for: history, culture, food…


A stands for amazingly passionate local producers

Holding themselves to the highest of standards, local farmers in Ireland are as passionate about their produce as they are charming.

Head to a local food festival anywhere in Ireland, such as Tyrone Farmers Market, and you’ll be met with smiles wider than the horizon and food options that will make your taste buds jump for joy!


N stands for Northern Ireland and its delicious food

Flaunting an abundance of landscapes and, consequently, an abundance of amazing food – from tasty dairy and beef thanks to its rolling green fields, to fresh fish from the Atlantic and Irish Sea waters – Northern Ireland is one of the most culinary rich regions on the island. It’s known for incredible seafood, traditional pubs and fresh local produce.

Indeed, walk around Belfast, and you’ll find yourself at the delicious epicentre of a food and drink renaissance!


D stands for brilliant whiskey distilleries

From the oldest working distilleries,  to modern, state-of-the-art institutions, you’ll be able to taste the finest “golden nectar” on the planet in Ireland. But it’s not just whiskey that’s on offer.

Over the last decade, craft breweries have been sprouting up across the island and taking beer to a whole new – and exciting – level. Check out Black’s Brewery in Kinsale for award-winning IPAs.


So what are you waiting for?




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