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3 inspiring ways to discover your Swiss bliss next year and beyond

Chances are, you need some bliss in your life right about now, and one thing's guaranteed, a trip to Switzerland with Insight Vacations will certainly hit the spot.

Chances are, you need some bliss in your life right about now, and one thing’s guaranteed, a trip to Switzerland with Insight Vacations will certainly hit the spot.

Your next moments in overseas bliss are waiting for you to take the leap and commit, so why book a trip to dreamy Switzerland already?!

From towering alps to iconic lakes and everything historic, innovative and delicious in between, Switzerland is a land of grand reveals – and it’s at the top of many travellers’ wish lists for 2022 and 2023.

In Switzerland, when you go exploring you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping discoveries at every twist in the road. That is if you know where to go…

Switzerland Insight Vacations
Mt Stanzerhorn on Country Roads of Switzerland

But nobody likes spending half of their holiday looking down at a map app or having ‘disagreements’ with their travel buddy about whether to turn left or right.

So choose to opt for the more blissful option; kick back in luxury, breathe in the view, and let the experts at Insight Vacations handle the logistics.

Insight Vacations Tour Directors are the best in their field, with a passion for all things Switzerland – not just because they get to feast on the world’s best chocolate and cheese wherever they take you, but because you’ll share secret adventures very few visitors get to experience.

So let’s take a look at three of the many ways you’ll experience bliss when setting off on your unforgettable Switzerland holiday with Insight Vacations…

1. Breathing in the world’s freshest air

Switzerland Insight Vacations
Lake Geneva on Country Roads of Switzerland

FACT: You’ve waited a long time to continue your world adventures, so 2022 and 2023 journeys are going to be better than ever.

When you visit Switzerland with Insight Vacations and you’ll not only get to celebrate your freedom in the refreshing alpine air, you’ll also have a lot more places to yourself than if you wait until later on.

On the Country Roads of Switzerland trip, you’ll take in all the very best of the country’s rural wonders from snow-capped peaks to floral valleys.

These include the Grindelwald– a fairy-tale mountain village garnished with winding rivers and soaring waterfalls, not to be confused with Gellert Grindelwald, one of the darkest wizards of all time – and Mount Stanserhorn, where the views to France and Germany are so inspiring there’s a 70/30 chance you might actually start yodelling.

2. Enjoying the VIP treatment

Switzerland Insight Vacations
Glacier Express on Glorious Switzerland

When travelling with Insight Vacations, you’ll be able to step beyond the sites to experience new perspectives in premium comfort and style.

Meet a Swiss ranger as you summit an iconic peak, take a stroll through the magnificent surrounds of Marmott Park, breathe in the shimmering waters of Lake Maggiore and mingle with/pretend you’re one of the jet-set in St Moritz in the Grison Alps.

On the Glorious Switzerland itinerary, you’ll ride the iconic Glacier Express through stone-built villages, lush mountains and ice-capped peaks to Lucerne, where your Travel Director shares the fascinating, secret tales of the local Jesuit Church and Chapel Bridge.

3. Exploring castles, cities and charming towns

Switzerland Insight Vacations
Chillon Castle, Magical Switzerland

If you’ve always yearned to step back in time or into a story, Switzerland can make those feelings tangible.

From the cobbled car-free streets of Zermatt Village to the cosmopolitan charms of Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland’s contrasts are both intriguing and inspiring.

Be awed by the futuristic jewel of Geneva – the Jet d’Eau – and take a tour of the 1000-year-old Chillon Castle with its head of collections, Maud, for an exclusive look at its artefacts, treasures and history.

If you dream of the ultimate winter wonderland, you can discover these highlights and more with insight’s Magical Switzerland journey, which also takes in the captivating Christmas Markets.

Whichever Swiss adventure you choose, Insight’s Vacations carefully curated and exclusive itineraries will leave you with joy in your heart, adventure in your soul and Toblerone in your tummy.

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