Europe deserves to be experienced, not just merely seen, which is why you should only travel to the Old Continent with a company that delivers the authenticity and captures the essence of a destination.

A company such as Collette.

Touring with Collette immerses you in the charming world of Europe, where you’ll dine at the home of Shakespeare’s daughter, cruise the majestic Rhine, and take a musical tour of Vienna.

In other words, you’ll be experiencing extraordinary moments and creating memories to last a lifetime every single day.

But if that wasn’t enough to make you call your boss and request some annual leave, check this out: Collette is actually ON SALE at the moment, and passengers who book by 30 April can save up to $500 per person, making an incredible European escapes totally more affordable.

A European escape such as….


British Landscapes


Travel through the quaint English countryside past sleepy villages nestled amidst mountains that have so often inspired generations of poets, writers and painters.

Details: 9 Days + 12 Meals – Now from $2,939


Southern Italy & Sicily


Explore Southern Italy’s eruptive history and wander around the famous ruins of Pompeii at the foothills of Mt Vesuvius before travelling to Mt Etna Volcano National Park. Then visit the Greek Theatre in Taormina.

Details: 11 Days + 16 Meals – Now from $2,869


Sunny Portugal


Cruise past dramatic coastlines, meander around cobblestone streets, and sip a sundowner at oceanfront promenades – all this  and more is waiting for you in Portugal.

Details: 9 Days + 14 Meals – Now from $1,839


Spectacular Scandinavia


Travel throughout the thrilling landscapes of Scandinavia as you connect with the cultural capitals of Northern Europe.

Details: 13 Days + 19 Meals – Now from $4,739

So what are you waiting for?!

Spaces on these tours will fill up fast so visit and escape to Europe with these incredible savings today!

Which incredible European adventure do you want to tick off your bucket list?

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