A picture may tell a thousand words, but it also inspires a thousand holidays, especially when that picture is of some stunning Mediterranean paradise in a glossy travel brochure.

Indeed, you really don’t have to try that hard to have an amazing holiday in the Mediterranean. In fact, the only hard thing about booking a Mediterranean escape is deciding on the where and how

With the aim of helping you come to some decisions, here are five must-see Mediterranean destinations in 2018 and the best ways to explore them.




Whether it’s ancient history, idyllic island paradises, or vibrant culture you’re after, Greece ticks all the boxes. Add to that amazing food and warm, welcoming people, and there’s a reason why Greece remains one of the Med’s most popular holiday destinations year in, year out.

In Athens, there’s the Acropolis, countless museums and the Plaka (the Old Town) to get lost in. To get around town, take the Metro. This isn’t just a fast and affordable way to move about the city, but many of the city’s stations are actually underground museums too!

For some island hopping, Paros, Ios and Mykonos deliver that quintessential Greek experience, with their white-washed houses, sunny days and gorgeous beaches.

But a trip to Greece wouldn’t be complete without a stay on beautiful Santorini. Whilst there, take a volcano/hot spring tour with local guides and learn about the turbulent history of the island before soaking the last remaining stresses away in a natural hot spring in the sea!

Island hopping around the Greek Islands is easily doable on your own by booking your ferry tickets and accommodation together and doing things on your own. Or you could join a packaged tour with other like-minded travellers and make friends along the way! Tempo Holidays are able to create customised itineraries to suit your needs and budgets and are only ever a phone call away…




Hot and fiery, the Spanish are blessed with hundreds of kilometres of amazing beaches, excellent olive oil and wine, and a rich culture that’s instantly recognisable the world over.

Home to flamenco and the Alhambra, an 11th-century former Islamic palace and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, make sure you cross Granada off your bucket list. Also visit Malaga, home of Picasso.

And then there are its islands – magnets for beach-loving travellers keen on whiling away the day getting a tan and sipping on a sangria or two! The Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Minorca conjure up images of nightlife and a party atmosphere, but in fact harbour a rich culture and history all of its own.





Just like Greece, Italy has the culture and ancient history down pat.

But if truth be told, there’s just no comparing the two on the food front. Known for producing some of the best food in the world, Italy is the obvious choice for lip-smacking foodies or just anyone that appreciates the finer things in life. Palermo, Naples, Florence and certainly Bologna are renowned foodie havens – do visit!

But of course, Italy doesn’t just taste good – it looks great too. For starters, there’s Venice, perhaps the most beautiful city in the world, with its dreamy canals and romantic charm. And who could not visit Florence and be gobsmacked by its Renaissance art on public display throughout the city?

For the best seaside views though, nothing beats driving down the Amalfi coast, considered by many to be one of the best coastal drives in the world. Tempo Holidays can help organise the perfect self-drive itinerary that takes in the view and puts you in exceptional accommodation along the way.




It’s as if Croatia was made to be a tourist magnet.

Its long Adriatic coastline is replete with amazing beaches, fortified, red-tiled cities, and cute little villages that entice travellers to stay the night and admire one of those picture-perfect glowing red sunsets.

Zadar in Dalmatia is a medieval walled city famous for its Sea Organ that plays music as the waves come in. Further inland is the Plitvice National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is home to nearly 100 waterfalls and 16 incredibly clear blue lakes. And then there are the jewels in Croatia’s crown: Dubrovnik (of Game of Thrones fame) and Split just to name a couple.

Whether explored as part of a coach tour or an independent itinerary – both organised through Tempo Holidays – Croatia begs to be explored. But warning: it’s allure is addictive and your clients will be pining for Dalmatia as soon as they return home!




Steeped in history, this pocket-sized Mediterranean island is just the right size for a few days of sun, fun and relaxation, and is blessed with more sunny days than Sydney or Los Angeles!

As the European capital of culture this year, Valletta is poised to impress. Walk around its historic, hilly streets, taking in incredible view from the Grand Harbour and sitting back with a glass of home-grown Kinnie – a bittersweet fizzy soft drink made from bitter oranges.

As English is spoken throughout, communication with the friendly locals will never be a problem for your clients here. The only hard part will be leaving…

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