Luke McKibben

With such a multifaceted society and whispers of a bygone place in time, Cuba is emerging as one of the hottest destinations for the modern traveller.

Don’t believe me?

Read on for my 5 reasons why Cuba should ABSOLUTELY be the next destination you book a ticket to.



1. Rum is cheaper than water (WTF?)


There is no better way to spend a balmy Cuban evening that indulging in a $5US bottle of rum with other travellers or friends.

Havana Club holds a special place in most Cuban hearts and adding cola or a splash of lime and soda (classic mojito) means you’ve got yourself a night to remember. Or not depending on just how much rum you end up drinking.

Given it costs the same or more to purchase the equivalent volume of water than rum it begs the continuous question – Which to choose?


2. There’s more to SEE than DO!


Quite an interesting distinction. You won’t find queues of travellers trying to enter a specific attraction or paying entrance fees to a museum in Cuba.

Rather, it’s the complete immersion into the general locale of Cuba’s main metropolis, Havana, and other ports of call which lures travellers to their repeat journeys to the island nation.

Upon leaving the city and returning home, there is a distinct feeling that you’ve seen much yet done so little – but certainly, this is what keeps Cuba’s status as a repeat travel destination so keenly alive.

It’s the buzz, the vibe and the friendly faces and positive energy that captivates you here.


3. You will switch off (no, it’s not optional)

WIFI is expensive and SLOW

WIFI in Cuba is expensive and SLOW

It’s well known in Cuba that you’re never allowed to get angry about the availability and speed of the internet (or very clear lack thereof).

Make sure you’ve tied up all necessary communications with the outside world before arriving into Cuba and then take the time to really embrace the complete isolation from the places, spaces and people you call home; because they’ll all be there when you return.

Sure, it is certainly possible to send and receive the odd (slow) message on the rare (and expensive) occasions you have access to WIFI, but you won’t regret the mental break.


4. Cuba is really cheap

The 'cheap as Tortilla chips Coco Taxis'

The ‘cheap as Tortilla chips Coco Taxis’

You won’t be grasping at your wallet on your return journey wondering to where on Earth your funds have vanished in Cuba.

Nope! With a week in Cuba, spending the equivalent of one day’s travel in North America or Western Europe is by no means unachievable. And there’s no need to be frugal either.

With an evening of pizza and beer setting you back just $4US, there’s room in the budget to invite everyone you meet (or just keep the night to yourself and order doubles).


5. There is quite literally no other place on earth like it


It is very common to match one destination to another (queue: Paris/Shanghai/New York). However, there is simply no other nation with a simultaneous simplicity and lack of organised tourism which allows every traveller to experience their very unique version of Cuba.

Give it a try, ask at least two people you know who’ve been to the country and see if you hear a similar story. 

There is no doubt an underlying mystery which evades major tour companies and leaves Cuba to be discovered by those who look to uncover its secrets.

Have you been to Cuba? Fancy heading there now? Share your thoughts below.