Love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay. And for many solo travellers, selfies are essential if you don’t want to be stuck behind the lens or at the mercy (and photography skills) of a friendly stranger.

Most selfie photo stories offer ‘tips’ such as, “Find your best angle” or, my personal favourite, “Remember to look at the lens.”

The selfie stick is certainly another popular option, but I wanted to find out, ‘What are some real ways to make selfies and solo travel photos better?’

Here are a few tips and gadgets for taking smarter selfies;

1.Add a lens

WYWH Smarter Selfies 1

We can only ask so much of our smartphones, even ones with redesigned and upgraded cameras, such as the iPhone 6. But investing in a separate smartphone lens opens up a new world of selfie possibilities. With the Olloclip, for example, you can quickly opt for a wide-angle lens that allows you to capture much more of the background or turn it around to fisheye mode to create something more unique.


2. Use a remote shutter

Selfies are best with a bit of spontaneity, but one slip and suddenly, you’ve cut something important out of the shot! #selfiedisaster #redo A remote shutter, like the Shutterball, lets you control your smartphone or tablet from up to 30 metres away, so you can fit everything in the shot and snap it on your time.


3. In a flash

WYWH Smarter Selfies Wrist Strap

Nothing kills the selfie spirit more than bad lighting. But luckily, there are a few options. First there are free apps like illuMEnate (for Android), which lets you choose from white or several colours to light your face and SelfShot for iOS users. You can also buy a rechargeable, self-powered LED fill light like the iBlazr. It plugs into your phone’s headphone port and will turn your ordinary nighttime photos into keepers.


4. Avoid the Selfie Slip

Accidents can happen when you’re trying to maneuver five friends in front of one smartphone screen or you’ve got a waterfall rushing behind you. That’s that a wrist strap is always a good idea. PhotoJoJo makes straps in a few colours for iPhone 5 and 6 that comes with a small bracket that screws into your phone but I have yet to see a similar product for Android.


5. Give your camera some freedom

If you REALLY want to give your smartphone some legs, try a tripod. Most models like Joby’s GripTight range for smartphones and tablets can be adjusted to fit in any setting and device type. Combined with a remote shutter and new lens, you would have the ultimate selfie trifecta!

What’s your take on selfies? If you are travelling on your own, would you rather ask for help or go for the selfie?