Challenge yourself and be fearless!… but what is the attitude that will take your trip from zero to hero in a day?

Is it experiences like tasting new and unfamiliar street food in a crowded Vietnamese marketplace, or fearlessly coming face-to-face with gorillas in Uganda? Maybe it’s challenging yourself to an early morning trek up a mountain or being open to new friends?

No matter what travel means to you, there are a few things you can do to enrich your time away from home. Things that will help you see the world in a way that builds human connection, support local communities and the environment – all the while drawing us all a little bit closer together.


1. Meet the local people

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The best way to learn about the highlights or hidden gems of a destination is to strike up a conversation with a local. Ask them this one question: “If you had a day off, what one place would you go?” In the process of narrowing it down to just one, you’ll end up with a litany of gems, from eateries to natural wonders.

But you’ll walk away with more than just great travel tips – you’ll learn things you never knew about people and find yourself going home with stories you can’t read in a guidebook.


2. Embrace new friends

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It can seem daunting at first, but travelling without your friends or family is quite possibly the best way to learn about yourself and meet interesting people who may even become lifelong friends. Being a solo traveller on a small group tour is the best of both worlds.

Setting off on your solo travels will also help you realise that you’re capable of navigating a crazy city on your own, that the majority of people are good and helpful, and that you don’t have to wait for friends or family to head off on your dream trip.


3. Challenge yourself

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It’s always going to be a hard slog trekking to the top of a mountain but just think of that epic view waiting for you. Write down a few adventurous activities that you’ve never done before and see if it matches to that particular destination, from hiking a mountain to rock climbing.

If you’re not physically inclined, you could have a goal to speak a few sentences of the local lingo or finish a book that captures the stories or history of the destination.


4. Embrace unfamiliar cultures

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Scratch the surface of a culture by learning a few phrases in the local language. Being able to communicate with people you meet will open up a new and exciting world on your travels – and you’ll be surprised how quickly an impromptu language lesson can help you connect with people and learn more about their culture.


5. Taste the local cuisine

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Ditch the white tablecloth for a smoky street stand and plastic chairs, and challenge yourself to eat like the locals on the street. A country’s street food is a delicious insight into the local culture. Overcoming that initial hesitation to try that bowl of noodles or exotic flatbread will be the best move you ever make on your travels.

Shopping at local markets also offers great insight, and it’s even better if you have a group cooking class after with which to use your newly-purchased ingredients.


Challenge yourself with Intrepid Travel

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Whatever form it takes, Intrepid is an attitude – a willingness to take yourself far from the comforts of home, embrace difference and open yourself up to new cultures and experiences. To be curious, challenged, fearless, open.

Tell us about the last time you embraced an Intrepid attitude and challenged yourself in the comments below.

And book that trip with Intrepid Travel – today!

When was the last time you challenged yourself? How did you grow from it? Tell us about it in the comments below…

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