7 hidden gems in Los Cabos for you to discover

Besides being a mecca for food and adventure, and despite everything you may think you know about the destination, Los Cabos has that special quality of still being able to surprise.

Besides being a mecca for food and adventure, and despite everything you may think you know about the destination, Los Cabos has that special quality of still being able to surprise.

Sure, there’s its inherent natural beauty – found in its sandy beaches, crystalline water and rock cave formations. But then there’s also its hidden gems, that, quite frankly, are its real draw cards.

So with that in mind, here are seven hidden gems for you to discover in Los Cabos.


1. La Giganta


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Take a trip to another world by visiting the town of Comondu, and walk through the desert landscape that’s a haven for all kinds of plant life, including palms, reeds and even orange trees. La Giganta is around 48 kilometres from Los Cabos down a long, long road, but it’s the perfect road trip through spectacular Mexican scenery.

If you can, time your visit to the otherworldly paradise around sundown for reddish sunsets. Oh, and don’t forget to take water, sunscreen and snacks – as well as comfy shoes, petrol and a GPS – for the drive up.


2. Miraflores


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Head to the picturesque town of Miraflores – just 30 kilometres from San Jose del Cabo – for a dose of history and culture on your next trip to Los Cabos.

For example, legend has it that English sailors over 200 years ago once docked at the town and decided to learn the language and become part of the community. Now their names decorate old headstones in the local cemetery.


3. Santiago Oasis


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Marvel at the secret waterfall of Santiago Oasis in Sierra La Laguna – only a short hop, skip and a jump away between San Jose del Cabo airport and La Paz, near Los Barriles. Although the oasis is located on private property and is situated in a protected area, the hidden gem is accessible to the public through Rancho Ecologico.

After taking a quick dip in the waterfall’s cool water, sit down for a meal at El Palomar Hotel and Restaurant, which Barbara Streisland once declared was her favourite restaurant after trying its fresh fish “al mojo de ajo”.


4. Sierra de la Laguna


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Housing an incredible array of distinctive fauna and flora, the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range was declared a UNESCO global biosphere reserve back in 1994.

To this day, scores of hikers, mountain bikers and climbers visit this hidden paradise, attracted by the promise of adventure.


5. Boca de La Sierra


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So hidden it doesn’t even appear on most maps (yet), Boca de La Sierra is a secluded small paradise just 8 kilometres from Miraflores and offers travellers the chance to trek and swim in a beautiful nature reserve


6. San Jose Estuary


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Located at the southern tip of Baja California, San Jose Estuary was designated a State Ecological Reserve back in 1994 and is the only freshwater coastal lagoon in the Mexican state.

Since time immemorial, the lagoon has been an important refuge for the area’s bird and animal life, making it the perfect spot for bird-watching and photography.


7. Agua Caliente or “El Chorro” Ranch


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Revitalise your body and mind in Baja California Sur by soaking in a spa and letting the curative properties of the hot spring water work its magic.

Spas are located all throughout the region, and are easily accessible from Los Cabos. For example, there’s nearby Agua Caliente Ranch, San Jorge Ranch and Santa rita Ranch – all of which are sure to make you feel 100 times better!

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Which hidden gems are you looking forward to uncovering in Los Cabos?

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