Anne Majumdar

Far from becoming harder to track down, authentic travel experiences are becoming more accessible than ever, according to one of the world’s most renowned wanderers.

Patricia Schultz, author of travel bible 1,000 places to see before you die, has been updating the title for the last 30 years and in that time has been impressed by changes in the travel landscape.

Great Ocean Road

Guided holidays, in particular, have come a long way, according to Schultz who was recently named Trafalgar’s new global ambassador.

“The quality of a guided holiday is a far different experience from those once offered,” she told KarryOn. They now include a variety of “authentic” experiences that would have been far harder to track down in the past.

“And the usual inclination to visit Europe alone has expanded to include so many more of the world’s other destinations,” she added.

In addition, she highlighted the rise of the solo female traveller now travelling to “more far-flung” corners of the world.

“In brief, the world of travel today leaves me impressed, surprised, encouraged and thrilled – and assured it will continue on its way of growth and expansion.”

Schultz urged everyone to take advantage of opportunities to travel.

“Living on this planet and not exploring beyond your bubble is like attending the Governor’s Ball but turning down the invitation to dance,” she said.

“Much of what keeps us home is of our own making.”

Patricia in Mongolia 2013

According to Schultz, seasoned travellers will not be deterred from exploring the globe by recent safety concerns with the type of tragic events making headlines perceived to be “more frequent and widespread” than they really are.

“If you look at the numbers and statistics, you are far more likely to slip and fall in your own bathroom than to be effected by any kind of attack when on the road,” she said.

“I don’t think veteran travellers are ready to succumb to that.”

She certainly plans to continue travelling, researching new directions and inspiration for her readers.

“Every time I grab my passport, I know I’ll come home with new places I’ve discovered both by design and by chance,” Schultz says.

“With every revision and update I do of the book, new things and information are included – I doubt I could ever consider it a finished project.”

Have you checked out any of Schultz’s recommendations?