Generosity and openness are fundamental characteristics of Omani people. They have a deep and genuine passion for their culture and country and from the minute you land here you will be enthralled by them and the other local treasures you will unearth.

Smell the burning frankincense and scattering of rosewater as you are offered sweet smooth Kahwa. This coffee infused with cardamom is served in a metal coffee pot and poured into tiny cups and offered with juicy fresh dates.

Lose yourself in a labyrinth of exotic aromas at one of Oman’s souks. Explore the beautiful old town of Mutrah with its white washed buildings and intricate colourful doorways. Then wander through the alleyways of Mutrah souk with its colourful stalls bursting with frankincense, spices, handmade garments, gold and silver.

Local Treasures Oman - Mutrah Souk

This is where the patient shopper will be rewarded with hidden treasures from beautiful antique coffee pots, perfume bottles, silver platters and armoury as well as the finest cashmere scarfs that will keep you warm when you head up to the mountains.

Hand-crafted from brass, copper, silver or gold, khanjars are a decorative dagger resembling a hook and are part of the traditional Omani dress worn under the belt during celebrations and ceremonial events.

You can see the many styles and levels of quality in souqs all around the country. For many a khanjar is the perfect keepsake of a journey through Oman.

Before you wind your way up the road to Jabel Akhdar, slip in to the souk at Nizwa where artisans handcraft intricately patterned silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Local Treasures Oman Mutrah

If your timing is right and you land here on a Friday – you will be rewarded with the sights and sounds of the local produce and livestock markets which take place every week like they have done for hundreds of years and if not you must visit one of Oman’s most famous restored forts.

From Nizwa, head to the ancient oasis town of Bahla- just 15 minutes away. Bahla is renowned the world over for its unique pieces of intricate pottery. Take the time to explore or pick up a piece for yourself.

Local Treasures Oman Pottery at Bahla

Continue your journey to the Shaqiya Sands for an encounter with the Bedouin people who have sustained themselves in the harsh desert plains of Rub’ al Khali for centuries.

Some still live a traditional way of life and visitors can meet these families for a coffee or a meal. Stay overnight in one of the many desert camps and take a camel trek to the top of a dune for a spectacular sunset.

Local Treasures Oman Bedouin Home

Back in the capital, Muscat’s Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a magical sight to behold and equally beguiling to explore.

This magnificent edifice was completed in 2001 and openly welcomes both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors. It boasts one of the largest hand-woven carpets in the world and an enormous 14 metre tall central chandelier that weighs eight tonnes.

A visit to the mosque isn’t complete without a visit to the Islamic information centre where local women will chat to you about their life and religion and you are free to ask questions without judgement.

Ibadi is a particular type of Islam that preaches tolerance of all people and practiced with reverence, respect and acceptance of all countries, cultures, creeds and religions.


Local Treasures Oman Honey Bee Farmers

Located near the al-‘Alam Palace is the National Museum of Oman. Housed in an impressive purpose built building covering 25,000 square metres the museum has 14 permanent display halls and is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Oman’s cultural heritage.

This striking building is dedicated to showcasing two million years of Oman’s history from earliest human settlement to present day.

The state-of the art facility is a must-do on any Muscat itinerary, also offers digital immersive experiences, a learning centre, a UHD cinema and discovery areas for children.

Allow plenty of time to wander through and make the most of this national treasure.

Local Treasures Oman - Jabel Akhdar

Oman will change you.

The wafting scent of frankincense through the air will heighten your senses along with the sights and sounds as you uncover hidden treasures throughout the country.

This may be your first visit but you won’t want it to be your last…


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