If you love both travel and fashion, then we have just found your new favourite Instagram page. Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva travels the world photographing women wearing jaw-droppingly beautiful gowns in some of the most stunning places in the world.

She captures the elaborate dresses flowing in front of landmarks all over the world from the famous balloons floating in Turkey to the azure waters of Mauritius.

Whether it be Red Square in Moscow, the desert in Oman, the lavender fields of France, the canals of Venice or the temples of Thailand, the world is her canvas.

Her delightfully whimsical images make you want to rush out and see the world…and perhaps update your wardrobe too.

In case you were wondering about how she gets her hands on so many amazing dresses, she has told those curious that she either hires them, borrows them from designers or makes them herself (yes it seems her talents are infinite).

ТЫСЯЧНАЯ КУПЮРА СИНЯЯ ИЛИ ЗЕЛЕНАЯ? 🤦🏻‍♀️ How do you think this is for the glowing flying things? You can endlessly come up with non-existent answers, like the fact that these are "elven balls from Neverland". When you cease to perceive the world in a pre-programmed scenario that has been imposed on us since childhood – the world becomes an amazing place. / Как вы думаете, что это за светящиеся точки? Можно придумывать бесконечное множество ответов, таких как «это мячики эльфов из Нетландии». Когда перестаешь воспринимать мир в соответствии заранее запрограммированным сценарием, которое навязывают нам с детства – мир становится удивительным местом.

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It’s no surprise that her photographs have strong traction with 605, 000 people following her work. We dare say it won’t be long until she hits 1 million fans.

Click here to see her full Instagram page for yourself where you will probably spend a good portion of the day, lost in her mesmerising work before browsing flights to the destinations she has captured.

Maybe she will be on her way to Australia one day soon.

Are you in love with her work as well? Let us know below.