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Kags Garrard shares her experiences of the wonderfully wondrous state of Hawaii.

Kags Garrard shares her experiences of the wonderfully wondrous state of Hawaii.

One place that I have always wanted to go is Hawaii and so when Jetstar kept telling me they had flights on offer I thought “how can I refuse?”

Marvellous Maui

We began with a few days in Maui. This Island is the perfect place to relax with gorgeous beaches, great food and a real holiday feel.  Nobody seems to be doing anything fast and after 10pm you would struggle to find anything open. However, this is the beauty of holidaying in Hawaii.

Must-dos in Maui


Me and my rocking red convertible.

It is a must to drive around the island and see the various landscapes it has to offer. From the lush green trees of the rainforest, to the incredible panorama you witness from the top of the West Maui Mountains. Treat yourself and hire a convertible. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll even get to tan as you explore.

Why in Waikiki?

We then hit Waikiki for a few action-packed days. This place is quite the opposite of the layed-back style of Maui. Waikiki hustles and bustles in all of its nooks and crannies but, again, that is its charm.

Must-dos in Waikiki


The area is extremely tourist-friendly with shops and food offerings at every corner. You’ll want at least four days in Waikiki to visit all the shops and sample all the food. I highly recommend making reservations as the queues can be up to an hour.

Then there’s the beautiful beaches that dot the rest of the island. It’s what Waikiki is known for. Be sure to take some time out to visit as many beaches as you can. It has the added bonus of getting you away from the crowds for a little bit.

A definite must is Kaneohe Bay Sandbar for some snorkelling. You’ll see some magnificent sea-life and even spot turtles swimming around.

Hurricane watch

A small ‘hurricane’ hit during our time in Hawaii which affected our flight back home. However, what was referred to as a hurricane was really a little bit of rain. It got us an extra day of good food so we couldn’t really complain too much!

All in all, Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit. It will grown on you, regardless of whether you’re an action-packed adventurer or a beach-bum relaxer.

Still not convinced? Here’s a video that may change your mind:

Have you snorkelled in Waikiki?