They are the first point of contact between the hotel and guests, and unfortunately, they get to hear it all – from customer complaints, to strange requests, to witnessing some pretty bizarre behaviour.

Oh front desk hotel employees, how we feel your pain!

Last week we wrote a story on when management strikes back against ridiculous complaints on TripAdvisor – it’s a must read!

But this week, we’re hearing straight from hotel employees.

In an entertaining new thread on Reddit, anonymous hotel workers have revealed their worst guests EVER, and they’re not holding back

Not one titbit.

Hotel employees: this is your time to shine!

Let’s start with a classic, shall we?

Can you make the rain stop?


Yep, according to Reddit user knjxo, one guest cracked it after the pitter-patter sound of rain prevented the guest from falling asleep.

When asked what the hotel could do, the hotel employee responded with the following:

“I politely told him there was nothing I could personally do, but that he could talk to ‘The Big Guy’ about that one.”

Nice work knjxo. I mean, what they hell can anyone do about a stupid complaint that like?!

Kind of reminds me of these crazy customer complaints.

Anyway, let’s turn to the downright annoying now.

Can you please just stop talking on your phone?


If you’ve ever had someone chat 0n their phone while they’re sitting at your desk, you know just how bloody annoying it is. It’s definitely on par with those that walk-n-txt and bump right into you!

Well according to the Reddit thread, these some people are the bane of the hotel employees existence.

Redditor gnomde said they hate “the ones who talk on their phone the whole time they’re trying to check in.”

We feel your pain gnomde, we so feel it.

Now let’s dial it up a notch!

Excuse me, I really, really need to use the toilet!


This would have to be one of the funniest situations I’ve ever heard.

Imagine this: it’s your wedding day and everything is going to plan.

The church service went off without a hitch. The caterers delivered the cake in one piece. And aunt Judy isn’t too wasted – yet.

When suddenly, a naked man holding his private parts bursts in through the double doors of the reception hall and proceeds to empty his bowels and bladder.


Yep, this actually happened, according to Reddit user edge231.

The man had first ran into the hotel lobby screaming for directions to the bathroom. The hotel clerk had pointed to the right – where the toilets were – but the man took a left and, well, you know how that ended!

To compensate for the man literally soiling their wedding, the bride and groom and the entire wedding party had their rooms and banquet rental comped by the General Manager.


And now, to finish off…

Drunk guests = the worst.


Yep, they really are, according to the thread.

From being loud and disturbing other guests, to trashing rooms, drunk people are by far the most annoying guests that hotel workers consistently have to deal with.

They’re basically at the top of the “travelling a$$hole” hierarchy

But sometimes, mere annoyance can turn into actual violence.

“I’ve had instances of guys wanting to fight me to guys knocking plates of food from my hands as I was delivering it to a room,” wrote one user on the thread.

Others commented that drunk guests did some pretty crazy $hit, such as breaking onto the roof and then falling into another guest’s room.


Ever stayed at the same hotel as one of these crazy guests?