In Scandinavia, the snow falls hard in winter and the sun shines bright in summer, but it’s these extremes that make the region a beacon for explorers looking to venture into the unknown.

After all, this is a land of Vikings, mythology, and, of course, the most mysterious man of all: Santa Claus!

Here’s a guide on what you can explore for yourself in stunning Scandinavia.


1. The cosmic beauty of the Northern Lights


It doesn’t get any more mysterious than the Northern Lights. Only visible from the North and South Poles, these colourful lights are actually the result of collisions between particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Some of the best places to witness this cosmic spectacle are in Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Note: although your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are good if you visit during the winter months, there are no guarantees, as conditions change according to the weather.


2. The final frontier between Europe and the Arctic


Step onto the final frontier between you and the Arctic Sea at North Cape Visitor Centre. This is the most northerly point in all of Europe – what lays beyond is anyone’s guess!

Watch a wide-screen film on the passing of the seasons at the Centre, as well as checking out an interesting exhibition on the history of the region.

The Centre is open all year round.


3. The Trollstigen mountain road


It’s pretty normal to feel small in Norway. Not only are the people above average height, but the sheer scale of its cliffs and mountains are epic.

To appreciate the majesty of Mother Nature, take a drive along the serpentine Trollstigen mountain road, where snow-covered mountain peaks stand sentry over an expansive valley, easily putting you into a state of awe.


4. The legacy of the Vikings


Ponder the BIG questions in life at the Lom Stave Church in Norway, one of the country’s biggest and most beautiful churches, and an excellent example of medieval architecture.

History tells us that, thanks to the Viking interest in boat and home construction, wood carving in this part of the world flourished, leaving us with a continuing legacy of Viking influence.


5. The hundreds of statues in Oslo


Wander around the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo and contemplate the meaning behind the 200+ sculptures made from bronze, granite and wrought iron.

Indeed, this is the largest sculpture park made by a single artist in the world, and is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.


Ready to do some exploring of your own?


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Have you explored Scandinavia yet?

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