You’re either in love with Los Angeles or you’ve never been – there is no other option! Which makes total sense, as the name of the metropolis literally translates into the City of Angels. Angels, people, ANGELS!

But wait up!

What if you don’t know your Melrose Avenue from your Sunset Strip?

Or your Urban Light Exhibit from your Urban Outfitters?

Well just chill, turn the kettle on, and check out Excite Holiday’s uber handy local guide on Los Angeles and how you can score some major points in the Million Points Giveaway in conjunction with Discover Los Angeles.

But first, let us give you a brief and tasty introduction to a side of L.A. that’s totally local and oh-so-awesome!


What to do?


You could spend a year ambling up, down and around Melrose Avenue in always-sunny Los Angeles, perusing its shops, grabbing something to eat at trendy cafes, or even spotting celebrities. And that still wouldn’t scratch the surface of one of the city’s most famous streets, which starts at Santa Monica Boulevard at the border between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

For something a bit different, check out the Urban Light Exhibit at the entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is basically a forest of city street lights created by artist Chris Burden.

Find out how you can get tickets to an NBA or NFL game, as well as excellent information on the best boutique hotels in L.A. inside the Excite Holidays guide.

Did you know? There are three prizes up for grabs in the Million Points Giveaway. The best selling agent will win the grand prize of 500,000 points!


Where to eat and drink?


All that shopping worked up a seemingly insatiable appetite? Oh, don’t tempt L.A., because it will more than satiate your growling stomach – it will have you making reservations for tonight, tomorrow and the next day!

Grab a strong coffee and delicious choc-chip muffin at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen and definitely, dine and do cocktails at E.P. & L.P., a stylish, multi-level and award-winning restaurant that takes the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji and China as its culinary inspiration and creates delicious works of art that you can eat! The building also has a rooftop bar open until 2 am that offers expansive views of the iconic Hollywood Hills. Go here for your sundowner!

The Excite Holidays guide will also fill you in on where to find the best food trucks and some of the city’s top eateries – YUM!

Did you know? The second and third top-selling agents in the Million Points Giveaway will win 300,000 and 200,000 points respectively.


Where to shop?


You’re in Los Angeles, and that means one thing, and one thing only: it’s time to get that plastic out and put it through its paces!

Spend a day at Westfield Century City, a two-level, 1.3 million million-square-foot outdoor shopping mall and find all the best brands and shops you’ve come to love. You can eat and grab a flick there too – this place has everything!

Inside the guide, you’ll learn where to find the best thrift shops in the city, as well as where high-end shopping meets Hollywood.

Did you know? The top-selling L.A. booking agents have between Monday 26 February and Sunday 11 March 2018 to WIN reward points in the Million Points Giveaway?

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the guide, book Los Angeles and find out how you WIN up to 500,000 points in the Million Points Giveaway with Excite Holidays in conjunction with Discover Los Angeles at today!

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