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Ireland website takeover Sep 2023
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Ireland: Where Sustainable Travel Meets Epic Scenery, Heritage and Hospitality

Ireland isn't just stunning landscapes, history, and culture – it's also a sustainably-minded destination on an eco-friendly mission to preserve what it has for generations to come.

Ireland isn’t just stunning landscapes, history, and culture – it’s also a sustainably-minded destination on an eco-friendly mission to preserve what it has for generations to come.

Green in colour as well as conscience, sustainability is taken seriously in Ireland.

Thanks to keen efforts over the centuries to cherish their natural assets, the Irish have preserved a natural world that still, to this day, remains unspoiled.

Committed to operating in-line with sustainable travel practices as outlined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Tourism Ireland is working hard to ensure that the wilds of the Emerald Isle stay wild and well into the future.

Already, tons of travel businesses in Ireland have had their efforts towards sustainability recognised by major organisations and many more are joining the ranks of these sustainable tourism operators as Ireland continues to lead the way in low-carbon travel experiences.

But want to know the best thing?

Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing fun – far from it!

Here are some of the sustainable offerings you’ll find in Ireland that are as good for the planet as they are for your soul!

Eco-Friendly Accommodations That Don’t Skimp Comfort

Rock Farm Slane offers luxury ecotourism glamping & accommodation on the River Boyne
Rock Farm Slane Shepherd’s Huts

Ireland is your eco-friendly destination for a holiday that’s as green as the rolling hills.

From posh eco-hotels to charming B&Bs, the Emerald Isle has places that’ll make Mother Nature herself give a nod of approval.

For example, ever thought about camping under the stars but don’t want to sacrifice your creature comforts? Then Rock Farm Slane has you covered. It’s like nature decided to throw a red carpet and you’re the star!

Or how about getting your pampering on at Delphi Resort in County Mayo with its amazing, prize-winning spa? Ever had a seaweed bath? Us either, but it sounds pretty amazing, especially paired with stunning mountain views!

There are tons of other low-carbon emitting accomodation options in Ireland.

Check them out here!

Outdoor Adventures In Harmony With Nature

Celebrate the island of Ireland’s wild beauty
Celebrate the island of Ireland’s wild beauty ©Tourism Ireland/Gardiner Mitchell

Ireland’s stunning landscapes are a playground for eco-conscious adventurers, and all you need to experience them is a good dollop of adventure – Ireland provides all the rest, naturally!

The country offers an array of sustainable outdoor activities, from hiking with a local ecologist in Northern Ireland’s Sperrin Mountains where you can learn about the area’s fauna and flora before visiting an organic farm, to rock-climbing and abseiling adventures with Donegal Climbing in the rugged north-west coast of the country.

Yep, Ireland prides itself on its many tour operators who prioritise eco-friendly practices, wildlife conservation, and responsible travelling as part of their mission statements.

Farm-to-fork Dining Experiences That Are Delish

Aran Goat Cheese milk is super creamy.
Aran Goat Cheese goat milk is super creamy

Mmm – going green never tasted this good! As a general rule, going local is going sustainable as it naturally reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

And no where is this golden rule as delicious as in Ireland. Indeed, Ireland’s farm-to-fork movement has gained significant momentum over the last decade and tons of restaurants and pubs across the country champion the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients to mouth watering effect!

From getting to know Gabriel on his Aran Goat Cheese and Food Tour, learning about ethical husbandry at Broughgammon Farm, to sipping on the freshest beer you’ve ever tasted at Ballykilcavan Farm and Brewery, Ireland’s commitment to sustainability extends to its cuisine.

You can salivate over more tasty and yet sustainable food experiences here.

Making Your Stay As Green As Possible

Irish cities and towns are made for wandering around
Irish cities and towns are made for wandering around ©Failte Ireland

Going green in Ireland is already easy thanks to the dedication the Irish travel industry has towards the ideals of sustainability. But there are also ways you can be a more responsible traveller while you’re here.

First off, embrace the country’s wide-ranging public transport network and save on carbon emissions. Find out more info here on how to plot your eco-journey.

In the cities, you won’t need much besides a good pair of walking shoes as Irish cities and towns are made for wandering around, stumbling into little shops and pubs that are almost hidden.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, saddle up and pedal your way through this emerald paradise. Ireland offers a pedal-powered eco-adventure like no other, with dedicated cycling paths crisscrossing the land. Take, for example, the Great Western Greenway in County Mayo, a whopping 42-kilometre stretch that follows a defunct railway line past drop-dead gorgeous views of Clew Bay and its picture-perfect surroundings.

Want To Be A Sustainable (Sales) Superstar Of Your Own?

Agents looking to increase their Irish expertise and selling prowess are encouraged to join the Ireland Specialist Program which has been specifically designed for travel trade professionals.

Also, check out the Tourism Ireland trade website for any further information or help on maximising your bookings to this stunning destination and learn more about Ireland’s sustainability efforts here!

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