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Kids Clubs are BORING: Welcome to wellness for the little ones minus the screens

The days of Kids Clubs that focus on watching movies and groups sitting around singing songs in lurid rooms that resemble art school nightmares are over.

The days of Kids Clubs that focus on watching movies and groups sitting around singing songs in lurid rooms that resemble art school nightmares are over.

“Sooooo boooorrrring.” The kids have spoken. And loudly.

Turns out kids of all ages want to experience incredible moments on their holidays too without their parents trailing them around all the time.

Even perhaps, if they vocally claim they don’t – at first anyway.


My two rambunctious boys (aged 8 and 4) have no desire to spend their adventure time hanging around an old skool playground or playing daggy games with overly cheery hotel staff because us parents wanted some time out.

They seek connection, fun and learning just the same as all of us. And when they get it. Everyone’s holiday becomes a dream.

Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas say that “Wellness and sustainability have always been integrated into every aspect of their guest experiences,” and are key to the luxury resort group launching their new innovative program for curious kids.

‘Grow With Six Senses’ is the group’s new framework for the kid’s programs which incorporate six dimensions of wellness into all activities for younger guests and the company’s approach to kids and family wellness.


The approach encourages younger guests to understand more about what’s going on inside them and in the world around them.

The objective is to learn through natural play – after all, is there nothing less fun than when children are told, “C’mon! This will be fun?”

It’s all an adventure, and as kids journey through each resort activity, they’ll receive a new stamp for their personal Six Senses passport.

“Grow With Six Senses incorporates the six dimensions of wellness (social, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual) and brings kids ‘back to basics’ in order to reconnect with nature and others around them,” said Vice President of Spa and Wellness Anna Bjurstam.

“This framework ensures a holistic offering for the minds of our little guests. We’re really proud of what each resort has created and we know families are going to love the experience too.”

Vice President of Spa and Wellness Anna Bjurstam

Programs vary from resort to resort but introduce specifically designed physical activities, yoga and mindfulness, local culture, sustainability and social experiences.

Forget totally boring algebra, how about becoming a little mixologist? With this initiative, children learn how to make their own toothpaste, facial mask, body scrub, after sun lotion and edible water bubbles. Sounds a lot more enticing than making another palm leaf hat.


Batik painting

Can’t sit still? Bring on the cookery, yoga, treasure hunts, ball games and fitness challenges.

The highly anticipated Six Senses Fiji, for example opening in April will give kids the opportunity to make their own snacks using a solar oven. Very cool.

Six Senses Laamu has a beautiful garden for salad foraging and offers junior Zumba and healthy cookie making. It’s not all about doing, there are plenty of being options, for example, simple meditation with Six Senses Samui and Six Senses Yao Noi incorporating the art of singing bowls.

Children’s innate creativity comes into play dabbling with Vietnamese origami and painting at Evason Ana Mandara and Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.

And the parents can... SIx Senses Fiji opening in April

And the parents can… Six Senses Fiji opening in April

At Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman, kids can get to grips with Arabic lessons. Mother nature is in charge, and a visit to the principal’s office is actually to the Earth Lab, for learning about upcycling and recycling. Playtime includes joining the gardeners in the resorts’ organic gardens for anything from seed planting to mushroom harvesting.

The frolics don’t stop when the day comes to a close: Grow With Six Senses continues through family activities such as coastal walks, movie evenings, sandcastle building, storytelling, mastermind puzzle challenges, and at Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Big Cook-Little Cook.

Each resort has its own comprehensive program and many of the activities are complementary or have a nominal fee.

As a parent, it sounds like heaven to me.

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