Heidi, the movie, is introducing Switzerland and the Swiss way of life to millions of viewers around the world. But how accurately is it representing the Land of Milk and Honey?

Pretty well, we’d have to say!

I mean, if we could be any character and live in any imaginary world, then it’d have to be Heidi in her native Switzerland – is there no better candidate?

Where else can you wake up to scenes that are so perfect they look like they’re straight out of a fairy tale?

But even better, we don’t even have to resign these thoughts solely to fantasy, because Switzerland is actually as perfect in real life as it appears in the movie.

Here are five reasons why Heidi has it so good in stunning Switzerland.


1. She pretty much lives in a picture-book


Credit: Heidi (2015) StudioCanal

Yep, Switzerland’s scenery couldn’t be more perfect if it were painted by Van Gogh himself. Much of Heidi was filmed in the canton of Graubünden, and there’s was never any need for a green screen – it was stunning as is!

Then there’s Switzerland’s picturesque villages and alpine chalets, like the one Heidi gets to come home to at the end of a long day.

Not a bad place at all to hang your hat…


2. She gets to hang with the kindest of people


Credit: Heidi (2015) StudioCanal

Although Heidi and her grandfather get off to an icy start, it wasn’t too long at all before his inherent hospitality and welcoming nature came to the surface – he was Swiss after all!

From Peter the goat herder to her friend Klara, Swiss people are some of the kindest people in Europe, and this is another reason why we think Heidi has it so good in her own little world.


3. Cheese & chocolate are fundamental parts of her diet


Credit: Heidi (2015) StudioCanal

There’s absolutely no contest, no contest at all: the Swiss are the masters at chocolate and cheese – period. And Heidi gets to consume epic quantities of the stuff every single day in her world. How cool is that?

Sure, her diet also includes vegetables, plenty of protein, milk, and fresh fruit, but cheese and chocolate are pretty much staples of the Swiss diet, and we’re totally jealous.


4. She’s surrounded by beautiful nature 24/7


Credit: Heidi (2015) StudioCanal

From the towering Matterhorn and Swiss Alps; to sparkling lakes and rivers; to rolling meadows of alpine flowers; Heidi is completely surrounded by beautiful nature at every turn, and there’s just no getting away from it.

Good thing we like beautiful nature too, hence why spending a day (a week, a year?) in Heidi’s world would be very epic.


5. The Swiss know how to live


Credit: Heidi (2015) StudioCanal

Heidi lives in a culture that places tremendous value on getting out in nature, keeping traditions alive, and generally just having fun and living life to its fullest. And we’re totally up for a bit of that in our lives!

Seriously, just imagine living in a world where you can take a sledge down to the village, where hiking an Alp is all in a day’s work, and where yodeling is actually a serious form of communication?

Ah Heidi, you really do have it so good!

If you’d like to live the life of Heidi in stunning Switzerland, at least for a while, then visit www.myswitzerland.com and experience for yourself why Heidi’s life is a heavenly life.

Are you ready to get your Heidi on?

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