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Meet the women making stylish swimwear out of recycled fishing nets

When it comes to buying swimwear - have you ever thought about the materials that were used, where it was made and by who?

When it comes to buying swimwear – have you ever thought about the materials that were used, where it was made and by who?

Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to buying more ethically, but sadly, there’s not always alternative choices available or the right information about the process involved to make clothes of any kind.

Loka Swimwear set out on a mission from day one to help change that mindset.

Owned by three surfing, fishing and yoga-loving women, Loka was founded on the belief that responsible swimwear doesn’t mean compromising material quality, style, or function. Sourced, printed, and designed with the premise that swimwear should be as special as the women who wear it; Loka Swimwear is a company built with the future in mind.


From their production facilities to their dying process and fabrics, Loka Swimwear is constantly searching for ways to raise standards in the fashion world.

All of their Loka suits are proudly sewn with an Italian blend of 78% ECONYL© regenerated nylon – amazingly made from salvaged ghost fishing nets, carpet and nylon cutoffs.

Now that is COOL.

The remaining 22% is made up of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre which makes their material softer and more durable and means they keep their shape and are twice as resistant to chlorine and sun creams. An added bonus.


“With wanderlust in our eyes and the sea in our hearts, We are in unity for a sustainable future”.

This motto is the backbone of Loka Swimwear. Through all the struggles of finding an ethical factory and an eco-friendly fabric that stands up to worldwide travel, they’ve kept it real.

“This industry makes it far too easy to just give up and decide to go with the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way of doing things”, says co-owner Julie Triska.

“We wanted to make a high-quality product that didn’t bring unnecessary damage to the environment… these sorts of things take time.”

Co-owner, Loka Swimwear, Julie Triska

Loka’s 2018 prints are inspired by nature and their designs range from high-waisted bikinis with mesh cutouts, to classic lace-up one pieces. The collection is small and thoughtfully planned out. Two of their styles are reversible featuring their “Loka” branded lining on one side, with exclusive nature-inspired prints on the other. 


Integrity is the foundation of Loka, and therefore sourcing ethical materials and factories were complex, yet achievable, with hard work, time and expense. Using The Responsible Company as their handbook, the Loka team set out on a mission to find other like-minded people to bring their dream to life.


And we reckon they’ve nailed it.

Loka Swimwear follows the growing trend of using recycled ocean plastic for fashion good. German sportswear brand Adidas recently collaborated with to create a line of uber cool trainers made from recycled plastics.

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Would you choose ethical swimwear over mass-produced garments if there was more choice like Loka?