Emmy Karno was only meant to stay in the Philippines for six weeks. She ended up staying for three months so she could adopt a homeless pooch she met in Boracay and fly him back home to Germany.

Buddy the puppy was only 6 weeks old and living beneath an old police car when the pair met. Given to Emmy as a birthday present from a local police office, it was pretty much love-at-first-sight, with the two soon becoming inseparable travel companions.


Buddy at six weeks old

Emmy was initially reluctant to take the puppy as she had never owned a dog before. But she just couldn’t resist the little guy, and she soon began looking into the adoption process to take her new love back home.


Emmy Karno with her love, Buddy

Having persisted through a “complicated and expensive” adoption process – at times so close to giving up – Emmy and Buddy are now together back in Germany where the little pooch met swans, celebrated Christmas and has even felt snow on his paws for the first time.

“We arrived happily together six weeks ago in Germany. I couldn’t leave him – I love this little guy so much.”

Emmy Karno


Buddy getting into the Christmas spirit

The story blew up on social media, attracting more than 12,000 likes and 3,800 shares.

Buddy is reportedly still getting used to the weather.

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