You don’t need therapy, meditation or yoga to de-stress, recharge and reconnect with yourself. Hell, you don’t even need a pint of beer or glass of wine to feel totally at ease and unwind.

What you do need, however, is a holiday to Switzerland, where natural beauty, adventure and relaxation all conspire to reward Aussie travellers with a good dose of nature that soothes, inspires and re-invigorates their bodies, minds and souls.

Getting back to nature in Switzerland comes in many forms too, from hiking, cycling or just chilling in a mountain hut.

Let’s dig a little deeper and discover why there ain’t no better place in the world to reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature than pristine, raw, and mildly therapeutic Switzerland.

Here’s a guide on how to make the most of the Swiss outdoors.




Did you get the memo? Mother Nature totally wants you back, and she’s given you exact GPS co-ordinates where she’s waiting to reconnect with you again.

These co-ordinates all fall within the geographic boundaries of Switzerland (of course) but awe-inspiring regions you should definite explore on foot include the Bernese Oberland and Reichenbach Falls on a walk from Meiringen to Zermatt, the area around Mount Blanc, and the Wildstrubel Circuit starting and ending in Kandersteg.

For more inspiration on where you can go on two feet in Switzerland, visit here.




If you’d rather re-connect with nature through the kinetic joys of peddling on two wheels (or the thrill of riding an e-bike), then the diverse landscapes of Switzerland and bike-friendly roads and paths have you covered.

Mountain bikers can head to Valais where challenging bike trails await, whilst beginner cyclists can peddle through beautiful vineyards just outside Geneva. For the more experienced cyclists, the looming Alps promise sweat-inducing climbs but also unmatched views of Switzerland’s majestic topography.

Here are even more ideas on where you can explore Switzerland from the comfort of your saddle.




If your idea of reconnection involves staying in the one place, then Switzerland’s charming alpine huts are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. In them, you’ll be staying close to nature, sleeping under clear night skies and waking up only to the sounds of birds in the morning.

From remote rustic huts in Ticino to alpine lodges in the Bernese Oberland, there’s a mountain hut in Switzlernad that’s sure to sooth the mind, body and soul!

Find the perfect mountain hut in Switzerland– of which there are literally hundreds – by clicking here.

Are you ready to re-connect with nature in Switzerland?

Then visit today and get totally rejuvenated.

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