Another global study has revealed that travel is vital for happiness. But in this one, researchers found out that travel gives us an even greater emotional boost than getting married!

Yup, that’s right.

The research was commissioned by, and over 17,000 people from 17 different countries took part in the study – so it’s pretty safe to say that the value placed on travel and the recognition that it’s vital to our mental health isn’t just confined to a small demographic, but represents a global phenomenon.

According to the results, around 77 percent of people book a holiday purely for the boost in endorphins it brings, and 70 percent valued the experiences they get from travel higher than any happiness derived from material possessions – not that we all didn’t already know that



In fact, about 56 percent of the people interviewed said that they’d rather spend their money on going on a holiday or packing their suitcase and embarking on some epic RTW trip. And 48 percent said that they routinely set aside money for travel instead of putting it towards home improvements.

But the stats don’t end there – nope!

Interestingly, the research revealed that for half of the people surveyed, travelling was way more important to their overall happiness than landing that dream job.

Whilst for those that were married, 49 percent admitted that travel gave them more positive feelings than their own wedding day! Another 45 percent claimed that holidays made them feel happier than the day they got engaged, and 29 percent said that overseas adventures gave them an endorphin rush greater than having a baby – wow!



For those currently dating, the study also found that over half of people would rather book a date in the calendar to go travelling than go on a date with their partner…

Another finding gleaned from the research found that around 70 percent of people gained an emotional boost simply from planning and researching their holiday, which explains why most people who walk in to see a Travel Agent are in a positive state of mind – well, most people…

And as Travel Agents, isn’t it great that you get to take part in all this? You’re basically all therapists, helping people feel happier and better in their lives – so cheers to that!

How much do you agree with these findings? Married people: did your most recent holiday give you more of an emotional boost than your wedding day?