With pubs in abundance, festivals every weekend, markets on every corner and an accent that is to die for – you may be considering heading to Great Britain.

But, before you book your flight and prepare yourself for the long journey to the other side of the globe, you should probably consider these seven reasons NOT to go to the UK, from STA Travel’s possé of experts.

Look, we’re not going to hold you back here, but if stunning scenery, a seaside breeze, history just around every corner is your thing, then hey, check it out for yourself and make your own judgment.


1. Can we just say ‘The Lake District’

#OMGB Lake District

For those of you that don’t know what we’re talking about – imagine picturesque lakes; the kind that reflect the sky, surrounding mountains dotted with cobblestone cottages the greenest grass you will EVER see.

You’ll not be able to find anything that comes close to the countryside in the UK, so why depress yourself by visiting and then having to take yourself away?


2. If you haven’t experienced a British music festival you haven’t lived



We’ve all heard of the Big Daddy of festivals: Glastonbury, which makes just about every ‘world’s best festival’ list for good reason. But when it comes to variety of festivals you are more than spoiled for choice with options like Festival No.6 in Wales, Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall and Bestival on the Dorset Coast.

On second thoughts, maybe give them a miss… You can’t miss what you never had, right?


3. The only real fish ‘n’ chips

Fish and chips

Fish and chips all the way

Where it originated, good ol’ fish ‘n’ chips is only done right in the UK, no matter what anyone says.

Having tasted how fresh and authentic they are in the UK, you’ll then crave them all the time… only to know that the craving can never be satisfied. Why? Whyyyy do that to yourself. It’s just cruel.


4. The UK has some of the best cities in the world to party


Bumping into this lot could be an interesting night out

Did we already mention the pubs?

Party like the Geordies do in Newcastle, like the Liverpudlians in the Beatles hometown, or like the Made in Chelsea stars in South West London.

City life at home just pales in comparison to the buzz of the UK, and your friends will just get annoyed when you continue to talk about how much you miss it.


5. Stately homes and castles everywhere!

#OMGB Buckingham Palace

The history of the UK is seriously epic and actually medieval, spanning across centuries.

They’ve got a couple thousand years of history over us Aussies.

So, compared to the likes of Dover Castle or London Dungeons, everything back home will bore you to tears. Best not put yourself through that.


6. Footie fanatics galore!


Some bloke called Rooney

If you’ve ever been to a proper football game (or soccer for the rest of you), you will know that the word ‘electric’ barely comes close to describing the atmosphere of a live game.

It makes the AFL Grand final sound like a pre-school sports day.

Now, compare that to watching soccer at home on the couch – there is no comparison. Why down-grade when you could just miss out instead?


7. History is no stranger to the Brits

#OMGB Stonehenge

The UK is packed to the brim of insanely beautiful World Heritage Sites and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Bath, Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey and the Greenwich Maritime, just to name a few.

Upon your return home, you’ll realise that they’re few and far between, and that just seems like an unnecessary heartache to put yourself through.

See! It’s absolutely dreadful. But if for some crazy reason you are still tempted to make your own #OMGB moments, you can lay-by flights to the UK for just $99 with STA Travel to Start The Adventure NOW.

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