It’s home to some of the highest peaks and the deepest canyons in the world. But there ain’t no mountain high enough, and ain’t no valley low enough, to keep us from exploring Peru.

Peru is a jewel in South America’s crown, with so many sights you’ll need to see to believe. Here’s a round-up of the most beautiful destinations, and tips on tours to make the most of your time.


1. Gaze down upon the Lost City


Machu Picchu I Juan Puelles / PROMPERÚ

No matter how many travel books you read, nothing can prepare you for the sight of Macchu Picchu. Cradled between lush mountains and rivers, the ancient civilisation is a masterpiece of the Incas, and a wonder of natural beauty too.

Adventure lovers might like to take the Inca trail to get there, finishing the hike with a stunning sunrise over the lost city – or expand your Peru journey and visit Lake Titicaca and the photogenic Sacred Valley as well as the iconic Inca trail. If the altitude doesn’t take your breath away, the view will.


2. Weave your way through the Arequipa


Arequipa is a buzzing hotspot for Peru’s makers. Explore the streets and you’re sure to make friends with the knitters, weavers, carvers and crafters who make some of Peru’s most iconic wares. Check this awesome journey out which includes a private walking tour of Arequipa


3. Tour the lush Amazon


Is it on your bucket list to see monkeys or macaws in the wild? Peru is a good pick. The country is home to a mindblowing 20,000 species of plants and animals, thanks to the Amazon. There’s plenty of starting points to choose from, but the most unforgettable way is taking a cruise along the river. You’re guaranteed to see creatures, colours, plants and places you had no idea existed.


4. Colour, culture and ceviche in Lima


Ceviche © José Cáceres / PROMPERÚ”

Peru’s cities are a melting pot of colour and culture — and for delicious food, you can’t miss the buzzing capital of Lima. By day, head along to the colourful Miraflores market to pick up some fresh produce — and by night, sample ceviche and mouth-watering picarones. Whether you love an elegant restaurant or street food is more your style, Lima is a gastronomical paradise.


5. Visit the epic Colca Canyon

Yamque-Colca I Michell León / PROMPERÚ

Grand Canyon, eat your heart out: Peru’s Colca Canyon is twice as deep, and it’s paradise. This valley is flush with stunning walks and hikes, which makes it a great place to slow the pace of your trip. Try this trip to experience local life in Colca Canyon – and don’t miss the thermal baths.


6. Sail away on the Uros Islands

Lake Titicaca has island life like you’ve never seen it. The people of Uros take handcrafting to a whole new level, building everything they need out of grass reeds — including the floating islands they live on, their boats, and their homes. To pair your trip here with a few blissful nights watching the sun set on one of Lake Titicaca’s private islands, this trip has you covered.


Peru is packed with stunning places to visit – check out ten of the best trips to take here. Can’t decide between them? This trip incorporates the best of the best. Book before 30th April, while the Viva! Holidays sale is still on!




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Written by KARRYON contributor Kelsey Cooke

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