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Why travelling helps you heal, educate and expand our horizons

Who would have thought that a trip to Europe or the Bahamas could be accredited with the ability to heal, educate and expand our horizons! The benefits of travelling are extensive and may often go unnoticed.

Who would have thought that a trip to Europe or the Bahamas could be accredited with the ability to heal, educate and expand our horizons! The benefits of travelling are extensive and may often go unnoticed.

Having done a significant amount of travelling over the years, I myself know that travelling can at times be frustrating and tedious with hours spent in transit and overnight connections or learning to interpret road signs, maps or menus in a foreign language, not to mention encounters with a dubious police officers in obscure little overseas towns trying to elicit money from you for no apparent reason.

I’m sure we have all tried to find petrol stations in towns where they call it “gas” or asked for a jumper, skivvy or pair of thongs only to be met with blank stares or cries of outrage.

However, no amount of drama or inconvenience can take away all that you gain from the truly wonderful experience of travelling.

Travelling provides the opportunity for personal growth and education


On any given trip or adventure you will be sure to learn some, if not all of the following skills:


1.      Appreciation not only for what you have in life, but for the ever changing and truly magnificent landscape and world we are a part of

2.      Education about how people live in other parts of the world

3.      How to communicate when you don’t know the language

4.      Organisational skills:  from packing and pre-trip planning, to getting around in a foreign land and working within time frames

5.      Budgeting skills 

6.      How to utilise your initiative with changing and unfamiliar situations

7.      How to adapt to any given situation

8.      How to build relationships/friendships


Travelling provides a source of inspiration 


Certain destinations around the world have inspired people to attempt amazing feats and change their lives in the process.

From Everest or Kilimanjaro to Machu Picchu or Ancient Egypt, visiting destinations such as these can be life changing and bring on a whole new direction and purpose to peoples’ lives.


Travelling can enhance your career

Artists, musicians, photographers and authors rely on travelling as their source of inspiration for their next project or major work.

There are scientists, environmentalists and animal activists that travel to forests, reefs and remote places in order to carry out their work.

Others may travel to far off lands to improve their career prospects or move up the ladder, or gain access to knowledge and ideas that may not have been available to them in their own country.


Travelling provides many health benefits

Travel has also been attributed with the ability to heal. Be it the actual act of travelling and taking a break from work and life in general can reduce stress and the risk of strokeheart disease and depression.

It can give you the break you may need to recharge and regain your motivationboost your morale or give you a new creative perspective to pursue on your return to work.

More recently we have seen a whole new sector of the travel and tourism industry open up dedicated to improving ones health. These include; salt rooms, day spas, hot springs, yoga retreats, travellers visiting temples, sacred sites or healers, bringing about a brand new experience for future travellers.


Travelling brings wealth and opportunity to local communities

We all know that tourism brings with it industry and job creation and in the process increases wealth to some of these associated communities and businesses.


Travelling creates lasting memories and can build and strengthen relationships


Travelling together as a family has been known to strengthen bonds, build relationships and create lasting memories that are often passed down to future generations.

Many studies have been done on how taking regular holidays can lower divorce rates. The simple act of couples enjoying time together away from the stress of their daily routine, has been known to improve many relationships.

Travel whist undoubtedly provides significant benefits to the individual, also benefits society and the economy as a whole.

Written by Kristi Gomm, Marketing Manager at InPlace Recruitment. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what benefits travel has brought to you!