It takes a lot to turn heads in Rome. With a legacy as the home of some of the world’s greatest historical and artistic attractions and a modern reputation for luxury, it is not surprising for many to explore the city unnoticed.

There is ONE way, however, to stand out and it doesn’t even involve splurging on a new wardrobe…

If you want try something a bit different during in Rome or if you’re short on time, consider booked a tour with the Fiat 500 Experience.

Fiat500 Experience 2

During this tour, you spend three hours zipping around the city in an eye-catching vintage Fiat 500, Italy’s iconic ‘city car’ which emerged to meet the post-war demand for practicality.

But these colourful, tiny cars are anything but boring – they’re packed with personality and will make you the tour group to envy!

The Fiat 500 Experience tours are customised for each group, but we chose the Hidden Secrets of Rome tour, which included a number of sites visitors might ordinarily miss.

Fiat500 Experience

We met our guide Alvise at the garage, which was right near the Colosseum. Alvise also recommended a great pizza place nearby called Pizza Forum that had great food and an amazing view!

We then set off in our Ferrari red Fiat, bound first for some of the main sites around the Colosseum and Circus Maximus.

We were able to stop whenever we wanted to take a few photos but otherwise, we let Alvise lead the way!

Our little car took us up the hills near Santa Sabina and the Garden of Oranges, where we could get out and enjoy a great look over the city and learn more about the city’s churches.

Alvise then brought us to a giant door at the Knights of Malta headquarters, which has a ‘secret’ keyhole view of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Along the way, he told us all about the city, its history and interesting stories – the little anecdotes you can only get from someone who truly loves their city.

Garden of Oranges

We enjoyed a quick stop for a bit of cappuccino at a nice little café and bar in Testaccio area. The café was built into the side of a giant hill made entirely of broken clay pots, the ‘rubbish hill’ as Alvise called it.

Fountain de Acqua Paola

As the sun was setting over the city, Alvise decided to take us up to the Janiculum lookout area and the Fountain of Acqua Paola, a gorgeous fountain where we were also able to take some fun shots of our flashy ride.

Testaccio Area

We aren’t usually too big on organised tours but the Fiat 500 Experience was the perfect combination of information, spontaneity and great attractions and photo opps.

It was the perfect introduction to the city and while I don’t think I will be buying a tiny Fiat any time soon, it is easy to understand why it’s been Italy’s little engine that could for more than 50 years.

Which car would you pick to drive around Rome?