Few things rival seeing animals in the wild, and few places rival Canada for untouched wilderness.

There is something magical about seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat, something raw and real, and even scary when that animal could snap you in half like a twig.

Whether you are sailing down a river watching bears hunt for salmon, kayaking next to the raw power that is a killer whale or watching hundreds of thousands of caribou move on a mass migration, Canada is home to some of the wildest wilderness experiences in the world.

And the backdrop to these amazing sightings is some of the most unspoilt countrysides you will ever encounter from pristine mountain forests and miles-long prairies to glaciers and salmon-filled lakes and streams.

Here are five Canadian wildlife experiences that will make you feel like David Attenborough:


Witness the migration of the caribou

Avka is a general name for domesticated reindeer. Herd of reindeer grazes in the tundra nearby of polar circle. Yamal Peninsula.

Watching animals in the wild is an encounter but seeing hundreds of thousands of them thunder their way across the plains in a mass migration – well that is a spectacle! A truly rare experience that you will struggle to top.

Adventure World can give you front row seats to the migration with wildlife camps set up along one of the main migratory routes, a prime position that allows travellers to get some truly awesome caribou encounters.

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Share the water with a bear

2. Great Bear Rainforest Sailing

Take a nature cruise through the Coast Range Mountains, a wildlife-rich region of British Columbia. The Great Bear Rainforest here is home to some of the earth’s most ancient forests but also to bears – including the famous “spirit bear” or Kermode bear – as well as sea otters and whales.

Catch sight of a grizzly or black bear as they go fishing for salmon or enjoy the beauty of the Inside Passage wilderness area.

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Eyeball an orca

3. Kayaking with Orcas & Beluga Whales

British Columbia’s Inside Passage is also home to hundreds of orcas that gather in the waters also searching for tasty salmon. You can kayak in these relatively calm waters and end up eye level with these incredible sea creatures, and it is the best place in the world to get this close.

A Canadian summer is when the region bursts to life after months or arctic slumber and you might also spot a rare beluga whale since this is one of the places they congregate at the mouth of the Churchill River. Adventure World offers motorised rafts and kayaks to put you up close and personal with these incredible beasts.

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Run wild with wolves and moose

Seeing a timber wolf in the wild remains one of the world’s most elusive wildlife encounters. Fortunately, the wilds of northern Canada remain one of the last places on earth that wolves can live free and while they are shy creatures you still have a chance to spot them.

Adventure World offers unique winter experience where you can not only see timber wolves but also moose, caribou and even the hard-to-spot cougar. Feel the call of the wild.

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See a polar bear in the Arctic

5. Arctic Canada Bears

Seeing a polar bear on the ice of the Arctic is an experience that may soon disappear altogether, so you should rush to this corner of Canada for the ultimate in wildlife spotting.

This area is also home to polar bears, Arctic foxes, wolves, black bears and the Adventure World tour also offers tundra trekking, drives along the coast in a tundra tracker and kayaking.

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What is your dream wildlife encounter?

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Written by Paul Chai, KarryOn contributor

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