Slides usually conjure up to the mind memories of childhood and playgrounds. But these slides are smashing these outdated associations right out of the park.

And they’re implanting in their wake memories of absolute terror – terror you would pay for, though (or get for free if only Flight Centre would follow through on its plans to build a slip ‘n slide at its HQ…).

First up we have the Verruckt, which is technically the world’s tallest water slide, according to the folks at Guinness World Records.

The Verruckt immediately received this title upon opening in 2010, and as yet no other water slide in the world comes even close to offering thrill-seekers an experience that would truly wet their pants in more ways than one.


So just how scary is it, you ask?

The Verruckt, which is located at Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark in the USA, features a 51-metre drop – equivalent to about 18 storeys – which is like jumping from the deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Indeed, the Verruckt prides itself on being taller than Niagara Falls and “the ride of your life.”


Dialling up the adrenaline even more is the fact that daredevil riders can reach speeds of over 100km/h on this near-vertical drop!

Check out the video below which shows co-owner of the park, Jeff Henry, and head designer, John Schooley, going for a ride (or should we say drop?) on the world’s tallest (and scariest) water slide:

Scary enough for you? It’s definitely scarier than Japan’s SkyCycle

It truly is an insane ride, which is a fitting response considering that the word “verruckt” actually means to “go insane” in German.

Some FAQ over at

Some FAQ over at

Ah those crazy Germans…

Day tickets to the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark start from $67 AUD.

Next up, still in the USA, we have the “Skyslide” which is an all-glass slide built over 300 metres (or 70 floors!) above the ground on the side of the U.S. Bank Tower, which is the tallest skyscraper in LA.

Just over 2.5cm of glass separates riders from certain death as they slide down its 14-metre chute, as if flying on some invisible magic carpet!

Check it out below:

Speaking to CNN, John Gamboa, a vice president with OUE Skyspace – which is a new panoramic observation area in Los Angeles – alleviated fears of certain death by falling through the glass by reminding people that the glass chute (which weighs over five tonnes) is so sturdy it could “hang two blues whales from the slide, and it wouldn’t budge.”

So you’re probably not going to die riding the Skyslide.

Tickets to the Skyslide cost $25 AUD, which includes entry to the observation area, a ride on the Skyslide, and a Sun & Stars Day Trip.

Are you game to try one, or even both, of these extreme slides?

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