Travel company helps man uncover his European ancestry

It’s hard to learn about your ancestry from the other side of the world. That is, unless you have contacts on the ground that can do some digging around for you…

It’s hard to learn about your ancestry from the other side of the world. That is, unless you have contacts on the ground that can do some digging around for you…

Frustrated and on the verge of giving up, Richard was determined to delve into his Lithuanian roots, but things weren’t working out. 

Repeatedly running into dead end after dead end through his own efforts, this American man was having little success tracing his heritage and family history. 

He needed help, bad. He needed Tripfuser!

Not having much luck on his own, or enough family information to go on, Richard and his partner, Suzanne, turned to the experts at Tripfuser to see if they could help him learn more about his European heritage. And help they certainly did.


Tripfuser has Tailored travel covered

After contacting Tripfuser and explaining his situation, the American couple sat back whilst the experts drew upon their extensive range of local suppliers to make Richard’s request a reality.

Their first port of call was Egle, a trusted local supplier in Lithuania, who in turn contacted a Lithuanian genealogist and passed on all available information on Richard’s situation. 

Egle then built a customised itinerary for Richard and Suzanne that included four days with that very genealogist who explained what she had discovered when researching Richard’s family history, plus trips to visit the town of Richard’s ancestors with a local guide. They even got to pay their respects by visiting the actual graves of Richard’s Lithuanian family members.



With Tripfuser’s help, Richard was finally able to put all the pieces of his family history together and get in touch with his Lithuanian ancestry. It was a trip of a lifetime, and one he’ll certainly never forget…

All of this was made possible because of Tripfuser’s wealth of local suppliers. By calling upon their extensive local knowledge and contacts on the ground (including 60 highly trusted local suppliers over 20 countries), Tripfuser takes the headache out of building customised itineraries in Europe.

Indeed, tailored travel is their speciality, and it includes building truly unique trips, such is the case above.


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Credit: Vilnius Tourism

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