It’s official, it is actually cheaper to spend a year living it up on a series of luxury holidays than it is to spend a year living an average life in Sydney.

Luxury Escapes did some research, punched some numbers and confirmed what we probably knew deep down all along: an average year in living in Sydney for two people will cost you over $67,000.

Sounds like a lot, but that’s taking into consideration rent, utilities, groceries, lunch, dining out three times a week, two drinks a week, public transport, your daily coffee and a gym membership.

So pretty much the life of your average Sydney couple.

And just to add salt to the wound, the Australian Bureau of Statistics new Wage Price Index has just been released showing that wage growth has remained low this year.

Let’s move away from the costly realities of everyday life in the city and take a look at what it would cost to spend a year living on a variety of Luxury Escapes.

Take a guess.

It’s LESS than living in Sydney. Luxury Escapes estimates you could do this from as little as $37,000 to around $66,000.

This price range includes indulgent little luxuries along the way like massages, spa treatments, water sports, a night zoo safari, cooking classes, hot springs, truffles, reflexology treatments, entertainment park access and overwater villas.


Image: Luxury Escapes

Which sounds more inviting?

Hey, it’s a good incentive for your clients to take a mega long holiday and run away from their expensive lives in Sydney!


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