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"We're Saving You A Spot": Vanuatu's Positive Message To Travellers

Vanuatu Tourism Office has unveiled phase two of its recovery campaign, and wishes to let travellers know that "We’re Saving You A Spot in Vanuatu".

Vanuatu Tourism Office has unveiled phase two of its recovery campaign, and wishes to let travellers know that “We’re Saving You A Spot in Vanuatu”.

Dreaming of a South Pacific island escape? Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) misses you too and has launched phase two of its recovery campaign called ‘We’re Saving You A Spot’.

This latest phase aims to motivate travellers to put Vanuatu at the top of their travel list by showcasing the various spots they can enjoy their future holiday moments across the country.


An evolution of phase one of the campaign ‘We’re Keeping it Beautiful for You’, which launched in April 2020, phase two showcases the beautiful and often hidden spots across the islands that travellers will be able to enjoy away from the crowds.

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Locations include the beaches and blue holes on Espiritu Santo, waterfalls outside of Port Vila, and various cultural and kastom experiences on Tanna Island. These moments have been captured in a slow, relaxing 30-second video available to watch on YouTube.

Aussies visiting the beautiful island nation can experience the traditional lifestyle while getting lost in a natural island environment of coral reefs, palm trees, waterfalls, and beaches often untouched by tourists.

A variety of new guides and itineraries to help inspire people in the planning stages are also available for consumers and agents via www.vanauatu.travel/au.

The new itineraries include a ‘Long Weekend in Efate’ and ‘Active Romance on Efate and Santo’ – an action packed six day itinerary aimed at couples.

“We hope this new evolution of VTO’s latest marketing campaign will keep Vanuatu front of mind as consumers across Australia start planning their next international holiday,” said Ms. Adela Issachar Aru, CEO, Vanuatu Tourism Office.

“As restrictions ease, we remain hopeful that travel will be allowed sooner rather than later, so it’s important that Vanuatu continues to maintain a market presence. We are particularly interested in reaching Aussies who might not have considered Vanuatu in the past.”

Ms Adela Issachar Aru, CEO, Vanuatu Tourism Office


The country’s national airline, Air Vanuatu, has also released fares starting at $419 departing from Brisbane and $519 departing from Sydney to Port Vila. Specials are bookable until 30 September and fares are for travel until the end of 2021.

Click here for more information or here to complete the Vanuatu agent training.

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