‘Roughing it’ – a term used to describe the way Australians travelled the world during their wild 20s. It often included little money, a backpack carrying the essentials and ‘unique accommodation’ aka barely legal shared rooms inside a backpacker lodge, which was usually home to bed bugs and creeps galore.

Believe it or not, it’s also sometimes referred to as, the good ol’ days.

Yes really.


But as wisdom emerged from years of experimentation, a deep love of blankets and pillows suppressed the desire to party and a need for comfort outweighed the ‘anything will do’ attitude, ‘roughing it’ was quickly replaced with the ‘f#ck that, I have money now and I want more’ 30s.

This is what travelling in your 30s and single looks like:


“A few hundred more? It’ll be worth it”


$250 more for extra space in Premium Economy? Yes please!

$100 for a better view AND breakfast is included? Just take my money.

While your twenties will undoubtedly come with a number of unforgettable (and cringe-worthy) moments, pretty much all travel is done on a tight budget (hello, Uni fees!). But as you enter your thirties, you’re likely to have advanced in your career, meaning extra $$$ to spend and nappies to waste it on..


“It’s about the finer things in life”

Finer things like a Michelin-star restaurant, food created by a Celebrity Chef and maybe even a glass of fancy bubbles of the French variety.

By the time your 30s have come around you’ve probably regurgitated enough goon to completely put you off the cheap stuff and onto food and drinks that’ll treat your taste buds, not send them into desperate hiding.

You’re at a stage in life where you have the freedom to enjoy the best cuisine, whether its dinner in one of Peru’s five star restaurants (Central, Astrid & Gaston, and Maido) or fresh sashimi in Tokyo, it’s totally worth experiencing.


“I want to hook up with as many South Americans as I can before I settle down”


There’s still a little 20s in there somewhere.

But in all honesty, at 30-something you’re probably nearing that point in your life where your mother’s nagging is starting to wear you down and the desperate need to start a family may start kicking in.

So a part of travelling single in your 30s is to suck face with as many people as you can before it’s too late and YOU CAN NEVER DO IT AGAIN (unless the relationship doesn’t work or you’re a lying A cheater).

For the less frisky 30 year olds, there’s hitting the nightlife in West Hollywood or attending a music festival like Coachella.


“Remember our 20s? We can still be crazy!”


You may have tried to leave them behind, but that doesn’t mean ditching a sense of adventure.

That ‘I could die at any time’ fear sticks with us, which opens us to a world of jet packing in San Diego, diving in the warm waters of Los Cabos in Mexico or Bungy jumping in New Zealand. There’s always room for adventure in your 30s – especially if you’re still single because there’s no husband and child to leave behind should something go wrong :/.


“Quiero hablar español con los hombres”


You may feel like you’re too old for a few things (heels, staying up throughout the night, etc.), but you’re never too old to learn a new language.

In your 30s you see it as a great way to mix with locals and potentially even advance your career (imagine ‘Spanish’ under ‘languages’ on your LinkedIn profile).

A new language also opens a whole new world of possibilities and it’s still easy to do before you turn 40. German is a highly respected language in the business world and what could be more fulfilling than picking it up firsthand in a beautiful historic city like Dresden or Leipzig? Or if you’ve always wanted to teach English, you can do so in Southeast Asia.

OR flirt in Spanish with the hot Colombian (because you’re single and you can)…


“Work is just too stressful, I need to getaway”


Does this really need anymore of an explanation?

Think of anymore? Share them with us below.