An American blogger has scoured the globe for the sexiest flight attendants from around the world, and he’s made a list of the 60 hottest cabin crew to grace the sky.

No, that isn’t the face of an angel you see before you working the aisle.

That’s a flight attendant, a particularly great-looking flight attendant, and in between serving you your meal and fetching that extra blanket for the dude in seat 34D, they’re busy at the back of the plane, making their best duck face and taking a selfie and uploading it to A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge on Facebook.

(When they’re not squeezing themselves in overhead baggage compartments, of course!)


Pictured: Spain – Privilege Style

Well, that’s what I imagine happened thousands of times onboard thousands of flights around the world as flight attendants around the world responded to the blogger’s call for the sexiest flight attendants currently gracing the skies.

That blogger’s name is Jay, himself a First Class flight attendant, originally from North Carolina but currently based in Dubai. And he compiled the 60 strong list by reaching out to his 650,000+ Facebook audience and urging them to take selfies accompanied by the hashtag #crewfies.


Pictured: Jay, aka “A Fly Guy”

The ridiculously good-looking faces – both male and female – come from 49 countries and represent dozens of different airlines, with Emirates, United Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and British Airways making the top ten.

Our own Flying Kangaroo received some love by coming in at lucky 13, and across the ditch Air New Zealand placed at 29.

Australia – Qantas

Pictured: Australia – Qantas

But it wasn’t just the major airlines that are flaunting some of the hottest people in the world as cabin crew. Air Malta came in at 19, Fiji Link at 21, Air Tahiti Nui at 27, and Albawings (Albania) at 57.

It also wasn’t just flight attendants recognised in this, ahem, prestigious world ranking. The world’s “most sexy Pilot” was also selected, with that title now belonging to a fine chap from Gol Transportes Aéreos in Brazil.

Pictured: The sexiest pilot ... in the world!

Pictured: The sexiest pilot … in the world!

These sexy flight attendant selfies from around the world confirm that there is still some glamour in the world of aviation, and although we may no longer be living in the Golden Age of Travel, luxury is slowly making its way back into the skies, with airlines pampering passengers with premium amenity bags, for example.

Do you remember the hottest flight attendant you ever shared a flight with? Who did they work for and would they have made the top 60? Let us know in the comments below.