Wild Things: 10 Aurora Expeditions' Adventures We Can’t Wait To Go On

As people continue to take at-home Zoom calls in their tracky-dacks, the need to go wild after work has increased. No, not wild party wild. Natural wilderness, curious wildlife, and far-flung locations you once only dreamed of.

As people continue to take at-home Zoom calls in their tracky-dacks, the need to go wild after work has increased. No, not wild party wild. Natural wilderness, curious wildlife, and far-flung locations you once only dreamed of.

Thanks to its offering of the most comprehensive activity programme in the expedition voyaging industry, Aurora Expeditions supercharges a wild time. With excursions for everyone – from mild-wild to wild-wild – Aurora Expeditions allows you to reconnect with nature, push your personal boundaries, and finally, finally, get you out of those tracky-dacks.

Wild About the Icy Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge ©Aurora Expeditions/Penny Riddoch
The Polar Plunge ©Aurora Expeditions/Penny Riddoch

Someone once plunged near-naked into the icy polar waters on an Antarctica expedition, and from there, a rite of passage was born. The Polar Plunge – sans wetsuit – is about as up-close-and-personal as you can get in the Antarctica environment.

This is one of those transformative trip moments that you never forget! Take a dip to find out more here.

Wild About Scuba Diving Antarctica

Aurora expeditions editorial
©Michael Baynes

Scuba dived Sipadan? Plunged 40m into Belize’s Blue Hole? Switch tropical dives for the ultimate dive expedition: an Antarctica scuba diving trip.

Aurora Expeditions has been running Antarctica dives since 1998 and know how to get the most of every underwater exploration. Thanks to the ever-changing world of looming glaciers, mammoth icebergs and fascinating wildlife, no two trips are the same. Find out more here.

Wild About Swimming with Sea Lions

Aurora editorial

As every Australian has been reminded recently, there are a shed-ton of incredible wildlife activities here. Aurora Expeditions knows this too, offering their epic Southern Australia Coastal Discovery, where you get to see our magical country from their beautiful expedition boats.

Sailing past deep-sea canyons and craggy islands, you may spy orcas, minke, and southern rights from the deck. To get wildly close, take the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions. Dive into the crystal-depths of Seal Cove to encounter the endangered Australian sea lion as it spins, swoops and somersaults around you. Magic.

Wild About Diving with Great Whites

Great White Shark Cage Dive Aurora editorial

For a more out-there, adrenalin-pumping adventure, go diving with great white sharks! Forget heading to South Africa; instead, hop aboard the Southern Australia Coastal Discovery.

Not a diver? No worries! Choose from three ways to get in the pointy face of the most feared marine predator. You don’t even get wet in the Aqua Sub; surface cage diving gets you close to those dorsal fins; for experienced divers, a bottom cage dive gets you in the great white’s action quarters. Gulp.

Wild About Kayaking Ningaloo Reef

Aurora Expeditions Ningaloo Reef
Ningaloo Reef © Scott Portelli

On Aurora Expeditions’ Ningaloo Reef Adventure, Australia’s lesser-explored northwest coast – and its largest fringing reef – is the focus. This is a wild-about-it extravaganza on both water and land.

Shore excursions allow opportunities to meet rare mammals. You can expect to meet some avian and marine friends, too, like ospreys, oystercatchers, turtles, and manta rays. A Ningaloo Reef highlight is glass-bottomed sea kayaking. See both the wings above and the fins below!

Wild About Underwater Photography in the Sea of Cortez

Leave the Insta pics for the ‘influencers’ and learn real photography skills with Aurora Expeditions’ specialist photography guides. These peeps know how to capture the essence of Antarctica, Scotland, Svalbard and beyond, prepping you for snaps worthy of a Nat Geo cover.

For the ultimate photography trip, skill-up with underwater pics at the ‘aquarium of the world’. Aurora Expeditions’ 9-day Baja California & Sea of Cortez expedition takes you through Baja California and its famed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The spectacle of thousands of flying Mobula rays is wow-worthy.

Wild About Ice Camping

Ice Camping Antarctica Aurora editorial

Nothing is wilder than Aurora Expeditions’ full-monty camping experience: camping on the ice in Antarctica – without a tent!

Walking on the ice, you’ll notice the groans and creeks it emits. Sleeping on the ice, you attune to the ‘aliveness’ and changeability of it all. Tucked in your thermal sleeping bag, you’ll likely spend your night under the sunny (almost 24/7) Antarctica sky, contemplating your place in the universe.

Camping on the ice is available October to December on select voyages, including Aurora Expeditions’ Spirit of Antarctica trip.

Wild About Skiing on the White Continent

Skiing in Antarctica; Tarn Pilkington. Aurora editorial
©Tarn Pilkington

For experienced skiers and snowboarders, a wild day on the slopes may mean double black diamond runs. For a truly wild experience, consider skiing in Antarctica.

With day trips traversing Antarctica’s snow-capped peaks and a multi-day ski excursion attempting Shackleton’s route, you’re offered the ultimate off-piste adventure. The Shackleton ski crossing aboard the South Georgia & Antarctica Odyssey is utterly awe-inspiring.

Wild About Rock Climbing in East Greenland

Aurora editorial
©Tarn Pilkington

Climbed the staggering sandstone cliffs of the Blue Mountains, or the dramatic quartzite cliffs of Mount Arapiles? Then you’re ready for the ultimate in rock climbing: remote Greenland.

Picture it: you’re scaling East Greenland’s sheer granite cliffs while icebergs float below. You’re standing atop a summit very few people have scaled. This remote, wild rock climbing experience is possible on the Greenland Odyssey expedition.

Wild About Searching for Polar Bears

Aurora editorial

Nothing gets us more flustered than a phrase like ‘search for polar bears at the world’s largest polar den’. Nothing!

From Nome, Alaska, you’ll sail into Russia’s most remote and treasured wildlife sanctuary, Wrangel Island Nature Reserve to go polar bear spotting. The odds are forever in your favour as this reserve has the world’s highest concentration of polar bears. Plus, see walrus, reindeer, musk oxen, arctic fox, and like a gazillion cool birds and curious plants. Oh, and beluga whales along the Chukotka Coast.

Wild About the Deets

Rowley Shoals, Western Australia ©Scott Portelli
Rowley Shoals, Western Australia ©Scott Portelli

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