Imagine being able to travel to Europe with a posse of like-minded travellers and have all your accommodation and transport sorted, whilst still having the freedom and flexibility to do your own thing?

Well imagine no more peeps, because Contiki has launched an awesome new travel style called Independent Insider that’s totally suited to the more independent, more experienced traveller.

It’s group travel REIMAGINED!

The new travel style product is called Independent Insider and it puts your more savvy travellers in the driving seat of their own holidays, where they’re able to choose what, where and how they want to spend their time on a Contiki trip.

Of course, they’ll still receive all the benefits that come with travelling with a group, such as having all their logistics sorted (e.g., hotels and transportation pre-booked), having a posse of like-minded peeps to share experiences with, and having a knowledgeable Trip Manager to help with local advice and taking care of everything on the ground.

It’s total win-win!

Here’s a little video that explains how it all works:

How awesome does this look?!

But let’s dig a little deeper and look at five reasons why Contiki’s new Independent Insider trips are the perfect choice for the more savvy traveller.




Many people choose to stay in hostels as a way to meet other travellers and be social. But with this choice comes many compromises, such as not having your own space, noisy room mates, and shared bathrooms…

But on an Independent Insider trip with Contiki, you’ll have the luxury of staying in an uber comfy hotel (with your own space) and still  have an automatic crew of other like-minded travellers  to hit the bars  or go exploring with (if you choose to).,




The extra dose of freedom and flexibility found in Independent Insider trips is perfect for travellers who have most of their trip planned out, but find themselves at a loose end for part of their trip.

What do you do when you’re seeing family in Paris, then meeting up with friends in Stockholm, with 10 days to kill in between. Why not join the Berlin to Stockholm Independent Insider trip? Not only will this trip get you to Stockholm, you’ll also get to check out stylish Copenhagen and do some Viking Biking in Oslo along the way.

What about if you’re stuck in Madrid on your own with a few days to kill before your mate arrives? Do a three night Insider trip, which will set you up and ensure you see the city, your way.



Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.38.32 am

On an Independent Insider trip, you’ll spend three nights in each city and you get to choose where you’ll start and end your journey!

Will you start in London and finish in Rome after visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Munich and Prague?

Or will you start in Lisbon and finish in Berlin after visiting Porto, Barcelona, Nice and Budapest?

With multiple trip variations to play with, let your imagination run wild!




Independent Insider trips are suited to the more independent traveller (duh!).

But what makes them totally different is that although the trip style is built on the core aspects of group travel, which means that all the accommodation and travel needs are taken care of, it comes without the pressures of group travel.

Want to go soak up some culture at the Rijkmuseum on your own? Have breakfast plans with a friend? Or want to have a late lie in? No problem! There is absolutely no pressure to stick with the group unless you want to. Of course, travellers can pick the brains of their Trip Managers to score the best intel on where to wine, dine and generally just hang out.

This gives them more time to enjoy themselves instead of grappling with all the logistical concerns and searching Trip Advisor for ideas on where to go…



Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.38.51 am

What does your typical day look like on an Independent Insider trip?

Well it goes a little something like this:

You arrive somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit in a comfy bus (with Wi-Fi) and check in to your hotel. Then you’ll have free time to do your own thing or get paella with a couple of cool cats you met on the bus.

The next day you’ll take part in an incredible local experience (which is included) and then have free time to explore the city at your own pace.

The day after that is a free day so you can do whatever the hell you want or choose from plenty of free-time add ons.

Then your holiday moves to another cool city and you get to have even more fun!

Remember: your accommodation (and daily breakfasts), transport, expert team assistance and local experiences are included in your trip price.

So what are you waiting for?

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