Jess Flint

What do you do when you have a little spare time on your hands? Travel the world! That’s what industry professional Jess Flint is doing and she’s inviting you to join her and travel for 6 months.

Sick of making everyone else’s travel dreams come true? It’s time for you to hit the road!

Follow these six steps and start planning your own six-month travel adventure:




Pay rise? You were comfortable living on your old salary, so put it straight into your savings every pay day… no #treatyoself excuses!

Rent is a killer, call on that friend that owes you one, or better yet move back in with Ma and Pa, they’ll love to have you and you’ll save yourself a ton of mula.

You don’t need that new iPhone/dress/car, remember $1000 on a iPhone = two weeks backpacking around Asia!


2. Connection is key


Network! I hear a collective groan, but making connections in the travel industry is going to be your best resource for job hunting when you have to return to reality. The TIME program is an industry initiative that takes the pain out of the game.

We work in travel because we want to travel right? Speak to your employer about taking a sabbatical or considering you for future roles. Joining a family of brands such as The Travel Corporation opens up a range of opportunities, with ten brands in Australia and offices all around the world, there are always a multitude of great roles available.


3. Your clutter cleanse starts now


Don’t buy ANYTHING new, you don’t need it and you’ll have to get rid of it.

Hit up your friends for storage, there’s always someone willing to TV sit.

Once again, good ol’ Ma and Pa make the list, remind them that at least this way you’ll have to come and visit.


4. Life admin


Check when your lock-in contracts end, you don’t want to pay for a phone contract or car lease you’re not using.

Most health insurance can be paused while you travel.

Some paid credit cards offer up to six months travel insurance when you spend on pre-paid travel expenses.


5. Search for the hero inside yourself


Live the KARRYON mission to #traveltochangetheworld. Find your passion and make it part of your travel plans, whether building a school in Puerto Rico with charity All Hands and Hearts or writing for your favourite travel publication, it’s not all about the R&R.


6. #YOLO


Talk is cheap (travelling for six months isn’t!), so while daydreaming is fun, you’ve got to actually take the next step. While we all love the warm cocoon of our comfort zone, getting out and experiencing what the world has to offer is what it’s all about. Plus, when your done, home will still be waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and see the world and I promise you it will be the best thing you ever did…you might just decide not to come back.

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Would you drop everything and travel for six months?