Anything can happen on holiday – ANYTHING. And things you wouldn’t even expect either, such as fighting off a python that’s clamped its jaws onto your private part whilst you were sitting on the toilet.

Yup, this actually happened.

Attaporn Boonmakchuay, 38, may have been smiling when speaking to a local TV station in Bangkok about his ordeal with the slithery snake, but he certainly wasn’t smiling when the 3-metre python had its jaws gripped onto his penis whilst he squatted over a toilet to do his thang.


The man who fought off a python to retain his manhood.

The python, which had slithered up through the plumbing of his home, refused to dislodged its grip for 30 minutes as Attaporn, his wife and their neighbour tried desperately hard (pun!) to remove the snake.

Eventually Attaporn managed to pry open the python’s jaws just before passing out. But it was a bloody affair and one can only imagine the pain the poor Thai man went through.

But thankfully it was a happy ending (pun!), with the 38-year-old still holding onto his manhood and recovering in hospital.

He is reportedly doing very well – he’s even smiling.

“He has a really good attitude … even though his own wife and children were in shock. He’s been smiling and giving interviews all day from his bed.”

Dr Chutima Pincharoen, hospital director.

As for the snake, it was taken away to be released back into the wild.


Perhaps the snake was hungry?

Luckily the man was at his home…

But others aren’t as fortunate, according to the claims department at Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) who have spilled the beans on unusual animal-related travel insurance claims they have encountered from travellers abroad.

The unusual claims include a traveller that was bitten on a bum by a seal, a traveller who was knocked over by a dog and broke multiple bones in Europe, and another traveller who had their mobile phone and toiletries snatched by a monkey in Indonesia (that’s when they’re not taking selfies).

Yep – monkey business is no laughing matter, but I don’t think these girls have gotten the message…

And animals appear to be as wild across the pond in NZ, according to the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation), which has received its fair share of unusual animal-related insurance claims – from being bitten on the foot by an eel, losing an index finger while feeding sharks, and over 60 sting ray incidents.

Allianz Global Assistance has also revealed some of its strangest travel insurance claims too, including an Australian who had his finger bitten completely off by a hungry rhinoceros whilst volunteering in Africa.

Talk about a lasting souvenir…

Have you ever had to make an animal-related insurance claim?