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Holiday hair care for blondes

While you may be living it up at the beach, your hair may not be. Read our expert tips to nix the shocks to your blonde locks during summer.

While you may be living it up at the beach, your hair may not be. Read our expert tips to nix the shocks to your blonde locks during summer.

Cocktails by the pool. Dips in the ocean. The warmth of the sun beaming down on our shoulders. Is there any wonder why we wait for summer with baited breath?

However, ladies and gents, while you are enjoying the salt rim on your second margarita, your hair is screaming from all the torture it’s subjected to during the warmer months.

Natural blondes, bottle blondes and even you silver foxes out there are torturing your hair with a multitude of horrors that are stripping it of its moisture and tainting the colour.

Thank fully Tara-Lee Mitchell, from the famed hair artisan Brad Ngata Hair Direction, dishes the dirt on keeping your locks in tip-top shape during summer.

1.Keeping up with the Bündchens


Giselle Bündchen rocks the perfect bronde…and bod. Image Source:

First and foremost, good hair starts with an on-trend base. Feel free to play with the array of colour that is on offer this season for blondes.

“Let’s get one thing straight, the balayage is here to stay,” Tara-Lee says. “But its a softer fade and plays around with more brunette to golden tones. We like to call it the bronde.”

The other option is to venture into the frostier tones.

“Ashy, cool, overtones are coming back in,” she says. “There’s of course the pastel trend but your hair needs to be nearly white to do that.”

Silver, as proven by George Clooney, is ever green.

2. Care or beware



A dash of extra hair care colour-balance. From Left to Right: Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo (300 ml) $39.95, Wella System Professional SP Men Silver Shampoo $32, John Frieda SHEER BLONDE® Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner $17.99.

Once you have your perfect blonde shade, many of us want to keep it that way. Nonetheless, all that extra processing comes with the price of extra care – especially during the summer months.

“Whatever you expose your hair to needs to be counteracted through care,” says Tara-Lee.

“Travel with treatments, hair moisturisers and leave-in conditioners for that added boost, particularly if you’re colour-blonde as your hair is dryer than most.”

Another way to give your hair that added kick is to sleep with the hair mask on.

“Every bit helps,” she says.

3. The mean green

Those that will be spending most of their time around a pool are running the risk of ending up with a head full of green. The antidote is to invest in a range of sun-care products that will act as a veil against the chlorine and chemicals.

“Think of it as a barrier, almost like sunscreen for your skin,” she says. “You wouldn’t run around in the sun unprotected, neither should your hair be.”

Always wash your hair immediately after exposure to chlorine and invest in a colour-balancing shampoo that will counteract brassiness.

“Plus, while it may not be a good look, the swimming cap for blondes is a must,” Tara-Lee says.

Tara-Lee recommends: The Kerastase Soleil Range.

“The perfect protector against chlorine and the harsh sun.”



The dream team of hair protection. From Left to Right: Kérastase Paris Soleil Aqua Seal, $34.99, KMS California Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment, $26.95, Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, $49.95.

What are your summer hair care tips?