Melbourne Cup is a chance to frock up and crack open the bubbles but racing faux pas are on the rise so we’ve to put together an etiquette guide to help you get the perfect balance of frock, fun and the bubbles at today’s celebrations.


1.The dresscode


It’s called a dress code, not a dress suggestion for a reason! Check the dress code for your ticket, day and event before you chose your frock.

This is one instance where breaking the rules is not advised as you might not be allowed entry and you might get withering glances from the racing equivalent of ‘the plastics’.


2. The drinking

Image Source:

Image Source:

Enjoy the old ‘sip and savour’ method. If you are spending nearly a whole day at the races make sure your pace yourself when it comes to the drinking. A great way to do this is to sip slowly and enjoy it.


3. The Celebrities

Jennifer Hawkins, Kris Smith and Rebecca Judd. Image Source: Hollywood Treatment

Jennifer Hawkins, Kris Smith and Rebecca Judd. Image Source: Hollywood Treatment

Don’t gawp; use the subtle glance technique if you spot a celeb!

There’s nothing worse than shattering your dignified illusion with high pitch squawking and an open mouth. If you see someone you think you recognise, look away for a while then check again when they’re not looking.


4. The headwear


Get ‘ahead’ with a light fascinator or hat. The larger and heavier the hat the more uncomfortable you we will feel as unless you enjoy dressing up as the queen everyday your neck muscles might revolt, and you will end up dying to take it off.


5. The footwear


Limping, stumbling, sinking and barefooting it are all unfortunate by-products of uncomfortable high heels.

Don’t try out new shoes or wear your killer heels instead opt for your comfortable mid-range heel and use accessorises to add that extra bit of glam.


6. The hors d’oeuvres


Canapés should never be more than a mouthful otherwise they can be difficult to eat and increase the chance of ‘stainage’ so make sure you be selective and only go for the bite size beauties.


7. The betting


Enjoy a ‘safe bet’. Have a flutter but don’t get carried away. If you’ve backed a loser, don’t sulk or accept defeat with grace and move on.

This article has been modified and was originally produced by Dilmah. 

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