Getting your fix of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is relatively easy thanks to dozens, if not hundreds, of Elvis tributes, concerts & festivals held annually worldwide.

You can even put on your Blue Suede Shoes & tour his old Memphis stomping grounds from Sun Studios to Levitt Shell and the Heartbreak Hotel.

But there’s only one place in the world where you can watch on as a team of Elvis impersonators jump out of a plane for an aerial performance that’ll have you taking part in A Little Less Conversation as they spin and dance their Way Down to the ground.

That place is Las Vegas and the Fever-ish show is called The Flying Elvi – yes, ‘Elvi’ because that is the plural for Elvis.

Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker fans may recall The Flying Elvi from their feature in the duo’s early 90s movie Honeymoon in Vegas, but what you may not have realised is that the astounding show can actually be watched live almost year-round in the Entertainment Capital of the USA.

Brand USA’s Chief Strategy and Communications Officer told KARRYON that the show is as rock ‘n’ roll as it sounds and you Can’t Help Falling in Love with the entire production.

“They dress up like Elvis and jump out of planes. They’re in Las Vegas all the time and they’ve become a spectacular thing to see.”

Anne Madison, Brand USA Chief Strategy & Communications Officer

Of course, if you can’t make it over to Las Vegas anytime soon to check out their epic show, then head on over to your local IMAX to watch their feature in America’s Musical Journey – a visual and audible exploration of the rhythms that shape the United States.

The music-inspired movie is narrated by Morgan Freeman and follows Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter, Aloe Blacc, as he discovers the jazzy quarters of New Orleans, the salsa streets in Miami and more.


If you’re struggling to get to an IMAX, the film will also be available for a limited time from 8 December on the brand new GoUSA TV app alongside hundreds of other America-focused shows and flicks.

Click here to download the app & get your Jailhouse Rock-on.


Have you seen the Flying Elvi in person?