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The top three greatest male shaves in the world

Long gone are the days of the beard. The latest must-do on a man's travel itinerary is frequenting the barber shop.

Long gone are the days of the beard. The latest must-do on a man’s travel itinerary is frequenting the barber shop.

The greatest shave has always been a quest for most men. With no way to research this I’ll just have to take your word for it, lads.

Though it doesn’t take a scientist to decipher that most of a man’s grooming budget is directed towards shaving products to achieve that buttery smoothness with each swipe of a razor.

However, are men willing to travel for the greatest shave?

Apparently so. The latest must-do on a man’s travel itinerary is to include a visit to a renowned barber to discover the world’s greatest shave.

Gone are the days of honing a beard. It’s all about baby-smooth.

The hairy demand for boutique shaving services has seen more than 150 new barbers open up in the UK alone.

With these statistics, who can resist the freedom of taking blade to beard and cutting off that growth that has done little more than trap your dinner crumbs.

With that in mind, here are our top three must-visit boutiques in the world guaranteed to provide the greatest shaving experience known to man.

Sharps-Ben Sherman, Islington, UK


The brand that made buttoning up the top button of your shirt mandatory, Ben Sherman teamed up with American grooming brand, Sharps, to create a space dedicated to the modern English gentleman. Sharps Barbers are like a drive-through car wash for your face. Everything from a straight razor shave, to moustache maintenance, to a hair cut is at offer in the retro-inspired boutique.

Vincent’s, Brooklyn, USA


For the old-world feel, you can’t go past sampling a 100 year-old vintage like Vincent’s. Vincent’s smacks of authenticity the minute you walk in and discover red poles, Belmont chairs and a friendly artisan with genius hands that can give you a closer-than-close shave. While Vincent’s is no-nonsense in price and offering, the venue boasts a hot foam machine to open the pores and a nice after-shave towel rub to get your circulation pumping.

Sterling, Surry Hills, Australia


A barber with a love of old-come-new. Sterling barbers, on Brisbane street, offer the whole shebang – from beard trimming, moustache curating, cut-throat close clean shaves and hair cuts.

Hair stylist Tony Vacher specialises in the fifties vibe.

Ladies who have read this far should be pleased to know that Sterling isn’t all about your “mans” either. Vacher knows how to put together a mean barrel roll at the drop of a hat.

The best products for a D.I.Y shave

For the boys who can’t leap over the sea to experience a shave at the hands of an artist, there are still a few products that can give you that extra plus one at home, or in your hotel room.

Steps one, two and three: lather, lather, shave.



From Left to Right: The Body Shop For Men Shaving Brush $11.95, Babor Men Ultra Comfort Shaving Foam $50, L’Occitane Cade Plisson Razor $150.

Steps four, five and six: hydrate, smooth and refresh.



Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme After Shave Lotion $90 (1300 651 991), Urban Rituelle His After Shave Balm, $20.95, Avon Touch By Black Suede After Shave Lotion $29.95.

Where have you experienced your greatest shave?