Tell your clients to dust off their binoculars: there’s a new hot spot on the horizon of adventure travel thanks to Polar Specialist Chimu Adventures expanding their travel options to include exciting new Arctic itineraries.

Think spotting polar bears in the midnight sun, watching the spectacular Northern Lights, cruising some of the world’s most scenic fjord systems, or exploring the northernmost reaches of the planet on the ultimate BIG bucket list adventure that is the North Pole.

Indeed, the Arctic offers an array of unforgettable off the beaten track adventures that are now more accessible to Australian travellers than ever before, thanks to Chimu Adventures. These itineraries encompass a vast range of experiences in destinations including the North Pole, Greenland, Spitsbergen, the Canadian Arctic and the Russian Arctic.

Here’s our ultimate Top Guide on skilling up on all things Arctic to help you seal the deal and earn commission on your client’s next polar adventure.


Wildlife Spotting – Polar Bears and beyond…


The first question you’re likely to receive from any client enquiring about the Arctic is where to spot a polar bear. The Arctic is home to a range of spectacular wildlife species and, beyond polar bears, humpback whales and walrus, reindeer and fox are some of the prominent species of Arctic wildlife your clients should prepare to get up close to.

Where? Spitsbergen is famed the Arctic’s ‘capital of wildlife’ and, seeing that it’s home to more polar bears than humans, we can’t say we’re surprised! However, all other regions of the Arctic are also great spots to see the most prominent species of Arctic wildlife such as whales, seals and walrus to name only a few.

When? The Arctic cruising season runs from May to September and you are most likely to encounter polar bears in the mid to late season. Humpback whales, birds and Beluga whales are some of the species that can be seen from April through to September.


Northern Lights: the Bucket List Classic


A timeless bucket list icon, the Northern Lights will amaze every type of traveller. An Arctic cruise will see your client tick off one bucket list item after the next with a high chance of seeing the crème de la crème of nature spectacles on top of spotting the elusive polar bear, while cruising the world’s wildest frontier.

Where? For your client’s best chance to see the Northern Lights on an Arctic cruise, head to Greenland at the end of the season. For a more ‘in-depth’ Northern Lights experience, staying in a camp in Scandinavia or the Canadian Arctic is probably the best option.

When? September gives you the greatest chance to see the Northern Lights on an Arctic cruise.


The North Pole – the ultimate BIG Adventure


For clients who want to experience life in extremes, the North Pole is the ultimate thrill for the consummate explorer. Cruise aboard the world’s only nuclear icebreaker, crush through multiyear ice on the Arctic Ocean, take in the rarely visited Russian Arctic archipelago before being presented with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of standing at the top of the world.

Where? Departure point for North Pole cruises is Murmansk, Russia.

When? Voyages to the North Pole are only available in the Arctic summer – generally operating in June and July.


History & Culture: footsteps of the Early Explorers


Once the domain of Vikings and heroic explorers, the Arctic is a treasure chest of history and culture.

Where? The Arctic ‘hubs’ of history and culture are Greenland, the Canadian Arctic and the Russian Arctic. A lot of the cruises in the Canadian Arctic travel in the wake of early explorer Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition who attempted to cross the famous North West Passage in 1845.

On a number of Greenland and Canadian Arctic expeditions, travellers will be able to visit Inuit settlements, meet with indigenous communities and hear all about their connection with and love for the Arctic land and sea.

Another notable destination on the North West passage is Baffin Island that has almost everything that the Arctic has to offer, such as plentiful wildlife, enormous mountains, fords, glaciers, sea-ice, modern Inuit culture and a rich history of occupation by native people and visits by explorers.

When? Throughout the entire Arctic cruising season from May to September

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