Eww, what’s that smell?! It’s emanating from that passenger in front of you, and it looks like he’s going to be sitting next to you for the next nine hours. Flight Attendant: Nose plugs please!

It’s bad enough sitting on a plane for hours on end and waiting in line at the airport.

But imagine having to sit next to one of these annoying plane passengers? For hours, and hours, and hours…

A recent survey revealed 21 of the most annoying passengers to sit next to at 30,000 feet.

Topping the list were smelly passengers, followed by seat kickers and parents who refused to do ANYTHING about their crying or misbehaving children.

Other unpopular flyers include crying children, people who are rude to flight attendants, and “the drunk”.

But of course, no list of annoying passengers could be complete without mentioning the armrest stealers, the early seat recliners, the seat encroachers, and the sock removers.

People that clap their hands upon landing also made the list.


But if you thought these were bad, thank your lucky stars you’ve never been urinated on.

That’s right: URINATED ON.

A man was arrested last year in the US on chargers of “criminal mischief and offensive littering” after he urinated on his fellow passengers on a flight between Alaska and Portland.

Apparently, the man woke up from his sleep and proceeded to take a wizz on the seats and passengers around him.

Son of a [email protected]!

Last year, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel teamed up with actor Sir Patrick Stewart to lend an entertaining twist to what is really, really, REALLY annoying behaviour.

Check it out!

Did we miss any annoying passengers?