Latest survey reveals our top five annoying travel traits.

Forgetfulness? Nope. Overstuffing suitcases? Wrong again. According to, these annoying travel traits don’t even get a look in.

Their latest research, which surveyed over 5700 travellers, revealed a few surprising travel woes and the fact that men and women vary in their opinion on pet peeves.

Top five travel terrors for women include:

1. The most annoying habit, according to 51 per cent of the women surveyed, was failing to respect the host country’s culture.

2. Coming in at number two were those who take too long to get ready (42 per cent).

3. This was followed by those that refuse to wear deodorant (31 per cent).

4. The top three were followed by women disliking travellers that drink too much.

5. Rounding up the top five were travellers that speak to loudly.

And for the men:

1. Fifty two per cent of Aussie men said that their number one pet peeve was taking too long to get ready.

2.This was followed by 42 per cent claiming that they cannot tolerate travellers who don’t respect the host country’s culture.

3.The third? Speaking too loudly weighed in at 28 per cent.

4. Darting in and out of shops came a close fourth.

5. Struggling to read maps was the final travel trait that men found intolerable.

The Solution


Sometimes going solo is the best option.

“If you’re unlucky enough to holiday with a frustrating traveller, we suggest you grin and bear it while focusing on all the fabulous things about the destination, rather than getting weighed down by the small peeves along the way,” says Louise Ryan, spokesperson for

For those that can no longer tolerate the annoying traits of fellow travellers, Ryan advises that the best option is to attempt to go solo.

“Our research has shown 46 per cent of Aussies have holidayed solo, with 64 per cent saying they did so in the search for more ‘Me’ time,” she says. “Heading somewhere remote, and on your own, is a sure way to avoid frustrating fellow travellers!”

Did your top five pet peeves make the list?